Kisii School Clinches Nyanza Rugby 15s Championship Again: Dominance Continues

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Kisii School reaffirmed their supremacy in the Nyanza region’s rugby scene by clinching the Rugby 15s championship title for the second consecutive year.

Quick Summary:

  • Kisii School retains its title as the Nyanza Rugby 15s champions.
  • The team showcased exceptional prowess, securing victory over Cardinal Otunga Mosocho in the finals.
  • Notable performances by Staford Nyambane, Morgan Ochiel, Trinny Wabuche, Dickson Ongoro, and Chaz Francis propelled Kisii School to success.

Kisii School’s journey to glory began with a resounding victory over Itiero in the preliminaries, setting the stage for their dominant performance throughout the tournament. Led by Principal Fred Mogaka and backed by unwavering support from the coaching staff, the team displayed exemplary sportsmanship and determination, earning the admiration of fans and officials alike.

Dominant Display:

In a fiercely contested final match against Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, Kisii School showcased their formidable skills on the rugby field. Despite facing tough opposition, they emerged triumphant with a convincing victory, solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in Nyanza’s rugby circles.

Staford Nyambane’s pivotal try, complemented by Morgan Ochiel’s early contribution, set the tone for Kisii School’s dominance. Trinny Wabuche, Dickson Ongoro, and Chaz Francis further bolstered the team’s lead with their exceptional performances, leaving Cardinal Otunga Mosocho struggling to keep pace.

Commendable Organizational Efforts:

The success of the tournament can be attributed not only to the exceptional performance of the teams but also to the meticulous planning and execution by the organizers. Kisii County Director of Education, Philip Chirchir, extended his appreciation to Cardinal Otunga Chief Principal, Albert Ombiro, for hosting a seamlessly organized and highly competitive event.

Road to Regionals:

With their victory secured, Kisii School now sets its sights on the regional stage. Branch Chairman Fred Mogaka announced that the winning teams will advance to the regionals, scheduled to take place in Kisumu County later this month. As they prepare to represent Nyanza in the upcoming competition, Kisii School remains steadfast in their pursuit of excellence and sporting glory.


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