Kakamega High School KCSE Results 2023: Performance Overview, Contacts, and Notable Alumni

Kakamega High School has once again demonstrated commendable academic excellence in the recently released KCSE results by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC). Led by Chief Principal Mr. Gerald Orina, the school has maintained its prominent position in the national ranking. Here’s an overview of the 2023 KCSE results, performance analysis, and key details about Kakamega High School.

KCSE Results 2023:

  • Top Achievers:
    • 6 students scored A plain
    • 39 students scored A- (Minus)
    • 69 students scored B+ (Plus)
  • Overall Distribution:
    • 101 students scored B (Plain)
    • 110 students scored B- (Minus)
    • 90 students scored C+ (Plus)
    • 48 Students scored C (Plain)
    • 20 students scored C- (Minus)
    • 5 students scored D+ (Plus)
    • 1 student scored D (Plain)
  • Special Mention:
    • Notably, the school produced a record high of 45 A students.

Performance Analysis 2023:

YearAA-B+BB-C+CC-D+DD-Mean ScoreEnrollmentPass Rate
3 years performance comparison of Kakamega High School

The mean grade improved marginally from 8.20 in 2021 to 8.228 in 2022.

History of Kakamega High School:

  • Kakamega High School, formerly known as Government African School, was established in 1914 but officially began its operations in 1933.
  • Founded by Mr. Harold Arthur Waterloo Chapman, the school has maintained a strong foundation that has contributed to its consistent success.

Notable Alumni:

  • Political Figures:
    • Kenneth Marende (Former Speaker of the National Assembly)
    • Moody Awori (Former Vice President of Kenya)
    • Bonny Khalwale
    • Najib Balala
    • Noah Wekesa
    • Yusuf Chanzu
  • Other Notables:
    • Denis Oliech (Footballer)
    • Newton Kulundu

Contact Information:

  • Phone Number: 0704143990
  • Tel. Number: 056-3004
  • Postal Address: 90-50100 Kakamega
  • Email Address: kakschool@yahoo.com


Kakamega High School continues to shine as a beacon of academic excellence, with its students achieving impressive results in the 2023 KCSE examinations. The school’s rich history, notable alumni, and commitment to education contribute to its standing as a leading institution in Kenya. For any inquiries or assistance, individuals can contact the school administrators using the provided contact details.


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