Kakamega High School Gears Up for KSSSA Term One Games

As the anticipation builds for the Kenya Secondary School Sports Association (KSSSA) Term One games scheduled to kick off at the end of next month, Kakamega High School is leaving no stone unturned in its preparation. The rugby 15-a-side team, led by head coach Amos Wamanga, is determined to make a resounding comeback after last year’s early exit at the regional level.

Quick Summary

  • Kakamega High School intensifies preparations for the upcoming KSSSA Term One games.
  • Head coach Amos Wamanga expresses confidence in the team’s blend of experience and new talents.
  • The team recently secured victory at the 2024 Yala Opens, boosting morale and belief in their capabilities.
  • Wamanga plans to participate in several tournaments before the official competitions to further hone the team’s skills.

Focused Preparations for KSSSA Term One Games

With an eye on the upcoming KSSSA Term One games, Kakamega High School’s rugby 15-a-side team, under the guidance of head coach Amos Wamanga, has intensified its preparations. The focus is on refining skills, enhancing teamwork, and fostering a winning mentality among the players.

Blend of Experience and Emerging Talents

Coach Wamanga expresses his satisfaction with the team’s composition, highlighting a harmonious blend of experienced players and enthusiastic newcomers. The infusion of new blood, particularly from first-year students passionate about the game, augurs well for the team’s future. Wamanga is optimistic that this combination will propel Kakamega High School to reclaim its former glory in the upcoming competitions.

Post-Victory Confidence Boost

A recent triumph at the 2024 Yala Opens has injected a renewed sense of confidence into the team. The Barbarians, as they are known, showcased their prowess by securing a 17-0 victory against Sawagongo. Coach Wamanga believes that this success will serve as a catalyst, instilling belief in his players that they can overcome any challenge on the field.

Strategic Tournament Participation

Wamanga outlines a strategic approach to the pre-competition phase, intending to involve the team in various tournaments. These events are designed not only to fine-tune the team’s skills but also to provide valuable exposure and experience. Acknowledging the competitive landscape, Wamanga is confident that consistent improvement is the key to reclaiming titles lost in the previous year.

Determination to Reclaim Titles

Reflecting on last year’s setback where Kakamega High School was eliminated in the group stages, Wamanga is resolute about making a comeback. The national title, which eluded them last year, is firmly in their sights. The coach emphasizes that the team is aware of competitors gearing up for the challenge but reassures that Kakamega High School will be well-prepared to face any opposition.

Final Thoughts

As Kakamega High School readies itself for the KSSSA Term One games, the determination and commitment of the rugby 15-a-side team, under the guidance of Coach Amos Wamanga, are evident. The recent victory at Yala Opens serves as both a testament to their capabilities and a driving force for future success. With a focus on continuous improvement and strategic preparation, Kakamega High School aims to not only participate but to triumph in the upcoming competitions.


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