Triumph for Kisii ECDE Teachers: Embracing Permanent and Pensionable Terms

In a significant stride towards recognizing the dedication and service of Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers in Kisii, smiles abound as these educators transition from precarious contract terms to secure permanent and pensionable employment. County Governor Simba Arati announced this monumental decision, marking a turning point for 714 ECDE teachers who have tirelessly served on contracts for over eleven years.

Quick Summary

  • Kisii ECDE teachers, previously on contract for more than a decade, have been granted permanent and pensionable terms.
  • A thorough vetting process resulted in the qualification of 714 teachers for permanent hiring.
  • Some applicants faced rejection due to the submission of fake documents during the vetting process.
  • The county government, led by Governor Simba Arati, has taken action against those who presented fraudulent documents, forwarding their names to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The Journey to Stability

For over a decade, ECDE teachers in Kisii navigated the uncertainties of contract employment. The recent decision to transition them to permanent and pensionable terms is a testament to their unwavering commitment to education. The move not only provides job security but also acknowledges the pivotal role these educators play in shaping the foundation of young minds.

Rigorous Vetting for Genuine Recognition

The transition was not without its challenges. A fresh vetting process was undertaken, ensuring that only qualified individuals secured permanent positions. Unfortunately, some applicants found their documents rejected due to their inauthenticity during the meticulous vetting procedure.

Confronting Fraudulent Practices

Governor Simba Arati underscored the gravity of presenting fake documents during the vetting process. He affirmed the commitment to ethical governance by forwarding the names of those involved to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for necessary action. The governor expressed concern over an imposter who presented an ECDE college certificate without completing O-level studies, exposing fraudulent practices that had potentially been facilitated by collusion with certain officers.

Financial Recognition for Service

Under the new permanent and pensionable terms, ECDE teachers can now anticipate earning between Sh. 26,000 to Sh. 39,000 based on their qualifications. This significant increase from the previous contract earnings of Sh. 12,000 to Sh. 14,000 reflects a commendable acknowledgment of the value these educators bring to the education system.

Encouraging Further Education

Governor Arati emphasized the importance of continuous learning, challenging Certificate and Diploma holders to advance their studies. In recognizing the educational achievements of three teachers with Masters in ECDE, the governor encourages others to follow suit, promoting a culture of professional development among educators.

Final Thoughts

The transition of Kisii ECDE teachers to permanent and pensionable terms stands as a momentous occasion, reflecting the county’s commitment to valuing its educators. As these teachers enjoy the security of their new employment status, it not only elevates their morale but also sends a positive signal about the significance of investing in the education sector. This move is not just a bureaucratic decision; it symbolizes a profound acknowledgment of the crucial role teachers play in shaping the future of the nation through the nurturing of young minds.


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