Kitui County Confirms Over 1,600 ECDE Teachers on Permanent Terms

In a significant move towards bolstering early childhood education, Kitui County Government, under the leadership of Governor Julius Malombe, has confirmed the permanent and pensionable terms for 1,688 Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers. The announcement was made during the State of the County Address, signaling the administration’s commitment to prioritizing education and youth development initiatives.

Key Highlights:

  • Devolution Mandate: With the devolution of ECDE and vocational training, Kitui County Government has embarked on projects and programs aimed at enhancing early childhood development and vocational skills among the youth.
  • Infrastructure Development: The county has constructed 85 ECDE classrooms to cater to the increasing demand driven by population growth. Additionally, teaching and learning materials have been provided to ECDE centers across the county to ensure a conducive learning environment.
  • Vocational Training Centers: The establishment of a new vocational training center in Katothya Village, Mwakini Sub-location, underscores the commitment to equipping youth with practical skills. Furthermore, stalled projects such as the ICT Workshop at Mutonguni Vocational Training Centre and infrastructure upgrades at Syou Vocational Training Centre have been completed, enhancing vocational education accessibility.
  • Pro-Poor Infrastructural Projects: The county is undertaking pro-poor infrastructural projects valued at 60 million shillings. These include the construction of administration blocks, dining halls, and toilet facilities at various educational institutions, ensuring improved learning environments for students.
  • Education Sector Support: Governor Malombe affirmed the government’s commitment to augmenting the County Pro-poor Fees Support Programme. Funds allocated to the program, especially towards infrastructure enhancement, will be increased to further bolster the education sector.


Kitui County’s initiative to confirm ECDE teachers on permanent terms reflects a concerted effort to invest in early childhood education and youth empowerment. By prioritizing infrastructure development and vocational training, the county is laying a strong foundation for socio-economic development and human capital advancement. The commitment to pro-poor projects and continued support for educational programs underscore the government’s dedication to fostering inclusive growth and equitable access to quality education.


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