Allegations of Unauthorized Student Admission Rock Musingu High School

Musingu High School in Kakamega finds itself embroiled in controversy after accusations surfaced regarding the admission of a talented footballer without the consent of his parents. The student, George Omondi, originally enrolled at St. Mary’s Yala through the Michael Olunga Football Association (MOFA) scholarship. However, he was allegedly admitted to Musingu High School without his parents’ knowledge or consent.

The Alleged Incident

  • Covert Admission: George Omondi was reportedly enrolled at Musingu High School on January 17, 2024, through a letter of admission dated December 20, 2023, without the express consent of his parents.
  • Deceptive Tactics: According to a letter from Wambilianga Majani and Associates, acting on behalf of the minor’s parents, the student was removed from St. Mary’s Yala under false pretenses. Coaches allegedly misled the school by claiming that Omondi had lost his sister and needed to return home for the funeral and burial.
  • Legal Implications: The actions of Musingu High School are deemed to be in contravention of the Children Act, as they bypassed parental consent in admitting the student.

Demands and Consequences

  • Immediate Resolution: The parents demand the immediate return of their son to St. Mary’s Yala, emphasizing the illegality and disregard for due process in his admission to Musingu High School.
  • Legal Action: Failure to comply with the parents’ demands may result in legal action against both the school and individuals involved in the student’s unauthorized admission. The letter serves as a warning of impending legal consequences if corrective measures are not taken promptly.


The allegations against Musingu High School highlight the importance of upholding legal and ethical standards in student admissions. It underscores the necessity of obtaining parental consent and adhering to due process in all educational matters involving minors. The resolution of this issue will not only determine the fate of George Omondi but also serve as a precedent for safeguarding the rights of students and ensuring accountability within educational institutions.


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