Birth Certificate Challenges Affect Education in Machakos

In Machakos County, educators are sounding the alarm about a growing concern – the increasing number of children lacking birth certificates. This issue disproportionately affects learners in informal settlements and semi-urban areas, where parents may face barriers such as semi-literacy or ignorance. The lack of birth certificates primarily impacts children entering Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centers or lower primary schools, hindering their access to essential government services and educational support.

Quick Summary

  • Concerns Raised: Teachers in Machakos County express worry over the rising number of children without birth certificates, particularly in areas like Mlolongo, Lukenya, Mavoko, and Kinanie divisions within Athi River subcounty.
  • Vulnerable Learners: The most affected learners are those joining ECDE centers or lower primary schools, with parents often unaware of the importance of birth certificates or facing challenges in obtaining them.
  • Educational Implications: Birth certificates are crucial for obtaining a UPI (Unique Personal Identification) number, enabling the government to provide educational support, including learning materials, for children in Grade One and beyond.
  • Socioeconomic Factors: Some parents, especially in vulnerable areas like Mlolongo, may lack resources to process birth certificates, leading to a cycle of educational disadvantages for their children.

The Importance of Birth Certificates

Educators emphasize that a birth certificate is not merely a formality but a gateway to various government services, especially in the education sector. The document is essential for obtaining a UPI number, enabling the government to recognize and provide necessary support to learners.

“If a child gets to Grade One, his learning materials including books are provided by the government to the school he is learning based on his presence in the school register. This is only possible with the availability of a birth certificate,” explains a concerned teacher.

Addressing the Challenges

Mlolongo Assistant County Commissioner Punden Amos acknowledges the prevalence of birth certificate issues, particularly in his division. He attributes this challenge to parental negligence, low awareness, and the difficulty some face in accessing resources for obtaining the document.

Amos recognizes the need for sensitization and education on the importance of birth certificates. His office has taken steps to inform parents about the significance of the document, conducting public barazas to raise awareness. Furthermore, he highlights the availability of a new office, opened last year at Athi River Deputy County Commissioner Patrick Mwangi’s office, streamlining the birth certificate application process for local residents.

“We have conducted public barazas and informed parents that now they are not required to travel to Machakos town to get birth certificates for their children,” Amos assures.

The Road Ahead

As Machakos County grapples with the challenges of birth certificate accessibility, concerted efforts are needed to bridge the gap. Sensitization programs, streamlined application processes, and community engagement will play pivotal roles in ensuring that every child has access to this fundamental document. By addressing these barriers, Machakos aims to empower its youth with the necessary tools to navigate the educational landscape and unlock a brighter future.


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