Empowering Futures: Mathioya MP Advocates for TVET Enrollment

In a bid to address the pressing issue of unemployment and equip the youth with valuable skills, Mathioya MP Edwin Mugo is urging young people to enroll in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions. Speaking at the Mathioya Technical and Vocational Centre, where he generously donated two NG-CDF vehicles for practical training, the MP emphasized the pivotal role of technical skills in transforming lives and tackling the unemployment crisis.

Quick Summary

  • Strategic Donation: Mathioya MP donates two NG-CDF vehicles to the Mathioya Technical and Vocational Centre, emphasizing their crucial role in practical training.
  • Internship Opportunities: Contractors working for NG-CDF will prioritize students from Mathioya Technical Institution for internships on ongoing projects in the constituency, providing invaluable job market experience.
  • Ajira Digital Program: MP highlights the government’s commitment to supporting students in the Ajira Digital program, emphasizing the potential for online job opportunities and income generation.
  • Financial Support: MP allocates bursaries worth Sh4 million to fully sponsor needy students for short courses, encouraging parents to enroll their children and take advantage of available financial aid.
  • Infrastructure Development: MP participates in a groundbreaking ceremony for a new administration block, allocating Sh4 million to the project with plans for further funding in the next financial year.

Fostering Practical Skills for Employment

Edwin Mugo’s advocacy for TVET enrollment revolves around providing practical solutions to the unemployment crisis. The donation of NG-CDF vehicles serves as a tangible contribution to the enhancement of practical lessons, ensuring students acquire skills relevant to the job market.

“The vehicles we have donated will help the students during practical lessons and help them acquire skills required in the job market,” Mugo affirmed.

Internship Opportunities and Government Support

Recognizing the significance of hands-on experience, MP Mugo secures internship opportunities for TVET students with contractors working on NG-CDF projects in the constituency. This initiative not only enriches the students’ learning experience but also offers a pathway to income generation.

“The internship opportunities will help the students gain job market experience and income,” Mugo asserted.

In addition to physical skills, the MP underscores the government’s commitment to supporting students in the Ajira Digital program. By liaising with the Information, Communications, and Digital Economy ministry, Mugo aims to ensure that students do not miss out on the wealth of opportunities available in the online job market.

Financial Support and Inclusive Education

To further facilitate access to education, MP Mugo allocates bursaries worth Sh4 million, enabling the full sponsorship of financially challenged students for short courses. This move aligns with his call for parents to enroll their children, emphasizing the importance of growing the constituency through skill development.

Infrastructure Development and Future Plans

The MP’s dedication extends beyond immediate support, as seen in his allocation of funds for a new administration block. This infrastructure development signifies a commitment to creating conducive learning environments for the youth of Mathioya. With additional funds earmarked for the next financial year, the trajectory points towards continuous improvement and expansion.

Encouraging Diverse Career Paths

Mathioya Technical Principal Grace Bora echoes the call for youth to enroll in TVETs, emphasizing the benefits of short courses, which can be pursued concurrently with other educational pursuits. She underscores the marketability of mechanic and plumbing courses, highlighting available scholarships and loans to ease the financial burden on parents.

In conclusion, TVETs emerge as not only providers of skills but as transformative agents combating social challenges like alcohol and drug abuse. The invitation to all youths, regardless of their academic background, to join TVETs reflects a commitment to inclusive education and the belief that practical skills are a gateway to a brighter and more prosperous future.


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