Bungoma Leaders Pledge to Eradicate Alarming Teen Pregnancy Crisis

In a united front against the escalating crisis of teenage pregnancies in Bungoma County, leaders convened at Lugulu Girls National School to address the pressing issue and find sustainable solutions. Governor Ken Lusaka, along with various leaders representing religious, political, and government sectors, expressed their commitment to ending the shame and negative image cast upon the county due to the persistent menace of teen pregnancies.

Governor Lusaka’s Declaration

Governor Ken Lusaka expressed his deep concern and disappointment over the rising numbers of teenage pregnancies, labeling it as a critical issue causing high dropout rates and poor academic performance. Lusaka emphasized his government’s dedication to protecting young girls from sexual exploitation, highlighting the urgency to address the root causes of the problem.

“I am utterly shattered by the ballooning numbers of our teens getting pregnant while in school,” declared Governor Lusaka, citing a report indicating 26,149 teen mothers and 1,679 HIV-positive girls aged 10-24 in Bungoma County by June 2023.

County Commissioner’s Call for Action

Bungoma County Commissioner Thomas Sankei assured that Interior Ministry officers from all 13 sub-counties would collaborate closely to apprehend the perpetrators of these offenses. Sankei urged parents to refrain from settling such matters informally and encouraged adherence to the rule of law.

Leadership Across Sectors

The crisis meeting witnessed the attendance of leaders from various sectors, including religious, political, and government officials. Bungoma County Director of Education Pius Ng’oma emphasized the importance of dialogue between parents, leaders, and teachers, urging parties to seek constructive solutions rather than resorting to harassment. This sentiment was echoed by TSC Director Wilson Kibor Koros and Caleb Omondi, responsible for quality assurance and standards.

Legislators, including Dan Wanyama, Martin Wanyonyi Pepela, Jack Wamboka, John Makali, and Didmus Barasa, along with Senator David Wafula Wakoli, Deputy Governor Jenipher Mbatiany, Vice Chancellor Kibabii University Prof Isaac Odeo Ipara, and Lugulu Girls High School Chief Principal Dina Cheruiyot, collectively agreed to formulate additional laws to protect children and address the underlying issues contributing to the teen pregnancy crisis.

The comprehensive approach demonstrated by the leaders signals a collective determination to eradicate the challenges posed by teen pregnancies and safeguard the well-being and future of young girls in Bungoma County.


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