Wadau Wa Elimu Launches Mentorship Program to Elevate Education Standards Across Schools

A groundbreaking mentorship program has been initiated by the Wadau Wa Elimu social movement, aiming to facilitate collaboration among schools. The initiative involves outstanding schools in the KCSE performance sphere guiding and supporting neighboring schools to elevate their educational standards. This movement, comprising key stakeholders in the education sector and government, including figures like former KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion, Ugenya Sub-county TSC Director Bernard Orwasa, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, and Tenwek High School Principal Mutali Chesebe, seeks to foster quality education nationwide.

Commitment to Quality Education

Speaking at the Tenwek High School KCSE results thanksgiving ceremony, Wilson Sossion emphasized the importance of mentorship in enhancing the quality of education. The movement aims to encourage benchmarking and mentorship practices that contribute to raising educational standards and fostering equality across regions.

Sossion remarked, “Tenwek results are evidence of commitment that is a product of mentorship.” He urged the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to prioritize the employment of qualified teachers in schools nationwide, advocating against categorizing schools into national, extra-county, county, or sub-county levels.

Targeted Mentorship Efforts

Bernard Orwasa, former Cheptenye High School Principal and member of Wadau Wa Elimu, announced that Tenwek High School would extend mentorship to four schools in Bomet and Kericho counties. These schools include Cheptenye High, Merigi Secondary, Chepkosigen, and Koiwa Secondary schools. Orwasa highlighted Tenwek High’s consistency in producing excellent results over the years, attributing its success to the management’s commitment to hiring teachers, including those employed by the school’s Board of Management (BoM).

Outstanding KCSE Performance

In the 2023 KCSE, Tenwek High School achieved an exceptional feat with 20 straight ‘A’s and a remarkable mean grade of 9.334. This outstanding performance serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the school’s educational approach, which the Wadau Wa Elimu movement aims to share and replicate through the mentorship program.

The mentorship initiative marks a collaborative effort to create a supportive educational ecosystem, fostering knowledge exchange and best practices among schools. Through such partnerships, the movement seeks to contribute to the overall improvement of education and the academic achievements of students nationwide.


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