Call for Improved KCSE Results in Matayos: MP Urges Principals to Take Action

Secondary school principals in Matayos constituency, Busia county, have received a call to implement effective strategies to improve Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results. The appeal was made by MP Geoffrey Odanga during the issuance of education bursary cheques at Mayenje Secondary school in Busia township.

Quick Summary

  • MP Geoffrey Odanga urges Matayos secondary school principals to enhance strategies for better KCSE results.
  • Concerns raised over poor academic performance, emphasizing the importance of good grades for university admissions.
  • Matayos NG-CDF Committee disburses Ksh18 million for bursaries benefiting 4,500 needy students.
  • Each student receives Ksh4,000, with the MP encouraging them to put more effort into their studies.
  • Principals are urged to address fee arrears issues, and parents are called upon to cooperate with school Boards of Management.

Call for Improved Exam Performance

MP Geoffrey Odanga expressed concerns about poor academic performance, particularly in KCSE exams, among secondary schools in Matayos constituency. Emphasizing the importance of achieving good grades, he urged principals to implement effective strategies that would lead to improved results and enhance the constituency’s standing in the country’s academic landscape.

Financial Support for Needy Students

The Matayos NG-CDF Committee has taken steps to address financial challenges faced by students, disbursing Ksh18 million for education bursaries. This initiative aims to support 4,500 needy students, with each student receiving Ksh4,000. The financial aid is expected to contribute to the students’ education and encourage them to exert more effort in their studies.

Encouragement for Beneficiaries

MP Odanga urged the students who benefited from the bursaries to prioritize their studies and put in additional effort. Education is highlighted as the key to a better future, and the financial support provided is intended to facilitate the students’ academic journey.

Addressing Fee Arrears and Parental Cooperation

In response to concerns raised by principals about students with significant fee arrears, MP Odanga called on parents to collaborate with school Boards of Management. Timely payment of school fees is emphasized to ensure the smooth operation of schools and the overall well-being of the education system.

Final Thoughts

The call for improved KCSE results and the disbursement of education bursaries underscore the commitment to enhancing the quality of education in Matayos constituency. The financial support provided aims to alleviate the challenges faced by needy students, emphasizing the broader goal of fostering academic excellence and empowering students for a brighter future. The collaborative efforts between education stakeholders, principals, and parents are essential for the success of these initiatives.


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