Teso North Students Urged to Apply for Bursaries

In a concerted effort to provide financial assistance to needy students, Teso North constituency has set a deadline for bursary applications. Urging students to act swiftly, the NG-CDF office has outlined a timetable for the application process, emphasizing the importance of timely submissions. Teso North MP Oku Kaunya, while highlighting the need for transparency, warns the bursary committee to ensure accountability in the selection process.

Quick Summary

  • Needy students in Teso North constituency have until February 4, 2024, to apply for education bursaries.
  • The NG-CDF office releases a timetable for bursary applications covering secondary schools, colleges, special needs, and university students.
  • Bursary application venues include various wards, and applicants must provide essential documents for consideration.

Bursary Application Timetable

The NG-CDF office has set a deadline of February 4, 2024, for bursary applications in Teso North constituency. The application process commenced on January 30, with the first venue being Malaba ward at the Kiriko Assistant County Commissioner’s grounds. The ongoing exercise covers wards such as Angurai North, Malaba North, Angurai East, and Malaba Central. Various venues, including educational institutions and community centers, have been designated for the application process.

Required Documents for Application

To streamline the application process, the NG-CDF office has specified essential documents that all bursary applicants must provide. These include report forms or transcripts for continuing students, a fee structure or fee balance note signed and rubber-stamped, a copy of the student’s identification card (if available), a copy of parents/guardians’ identification card, and a copy of the student’s birth certificate.

MP’s Call for Transparency

Teso North MP Oku Kaunya underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in the bursary selection process. He issues a stern warning to the bursary committee members, emphasizing the need to prioritize deserving cases. The MP’s directive signals a commitment to ensuring that the financial assistance reaches those who truly need it, fostering trust in the bursary distribution process.

Final Reminder and Accountability Measures

The urgency conveyed in urging students to apply before the deadline reflects the commitment to expeditiously process bursary applications. As the NG-CDF office facilitates this crucial support, Teso North residents are reminded to adhere to the specified timeline. MP Oku Kaunya’s warning serves as a reminder of the accountability measures in place, reinforcing the importance of maintaining integrity throughout the application and selection phases.


The call for bursary applications in Teso North constituency aligns with the commitment to supporting education for those in need. As students race against the deadline, the structured approach and emphasis on transparency provide assurance that the financial assistance will be allocated judiciously. This initiative not only addresses the immediate financial challenges of students but also contributes to the broader goal of fostering educational access and equity in Teso North.


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