Cardinal Otunga Mosocho Celebrates Release of Withheld KCSE Results

In a wave of jubilation, Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School is basking in the triumph of the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) releasing the 2023 KCSE results of 50 candidates, which had been initially withheld due to suspicions of irregularities. Chief Principal Albert Ombiro shared the uplifting news, shedding light on the school’s perseverance in seeking justice for its students.

When Education CS Ezekiel Machogu unveiled the examination results on January 8, the 50 out of 433 candidates discovered that their results were missing. Concerned about the well-being of their students’ academic endeavors, the school promptly engaged with KNEC, leading to the eventual release of the withheld results.

Albert Ombiro, the Chief Principal, expressed his joy by revealing the outstanding performance of the students. Among the 433 candidates, 6 achieved a remarkable grade A plain, 60 secured A-, 137 attained B+, 203 scored B plain, and 26 earned B- minus, marking the last grade in the school.

However, the celebration was tempered by the unfortunate news of the passing of one student who had scored a respectable grade B plain. The Principal, flanked by his Deputies Gerald Ayiera and David Mayaka, attributed the school’s success to unwavering faith in God, the hard work of dedicated teachers and students, and the collaborative efforts of parents and other stakeholders.

“I can testify that it took teamwork to achieve these good results. I have seen the hand of God,” remarked Ombiro, expressing gratitude for the collective commitment that fueled the students’ accomplishments.

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, located in Kisii County, stands as one of the oldest Catholic-sponsored secondary schools in the region. After a resurgence in 2022, where the school secured a mean score of 10.8 in the national examination, claiming the second position nationally, the recent KCSE results further solidify its academic standing.

The Principal extended heartfelt thanks to all education stakeholders and offered prayers for the continued well-being of students and teachers. As the school revels in this triumph, the focus now turns to maintaining the impressive academic trajectory in the future.


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