EACC Probes Allegations of Unethical Practices: Principals Accused of Demanding Money for Form One Admissions

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched investigations into reports indicating that school principals are allegedly soliciting money from parents in exchange for Form One admission letters. The commission, responding to multiple complaints from wary parents, has expressed concern over the prevalence of such unethical practices.

Eric Ngumbi, the spokesperson for EACC, revealed in a press briefing on Friday that they had received complaints detailing demands ranging from Ksh10,000 to an alarming Ksh150,000 by some principals for securing Form One admission. Ngumbi emphasized the urgent need for parents to report any instances of school principals engaging in such illicit activities.

“We have cases where principals are demanding money ranging from Ksh10,000 to Ksh150,000 depending on the level of the school and also depending on how greedy the principal is,” Ngumbi remarked. He expressed his disappointment at the emergence of principals among those involved in corrupt practices and encouraged parents to come forward with information.

“It is very embarrassing and immoral. What we urge parents to do is to let us know any Principal or person who is either soliciting or accepting bribes,” Ngumbi urged, revealing that a principal from a prominent girls’ school was currently under the EACC’s scrutiny.

Form One students, scheduled to commence school on January 15, have been caught in the middle of this alleged corruption scandal as parents face the distressing prospect of paying exorbitant sums for their children’s admission.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, on December 18, confirmed the admission date during the release of the 2024 Form One selection and placement results. He emphasized the importance of authenticity in the admission process, urging candidates to present their joining instructions to the head teacher of the primary school where they sat for their KCPE Examination for authentication.

Moreover, Machogu directed Regional Directors of Education and County Education Directors to ensure that principals adhere strictly to the Ministry of Education’s stipulated guidelines and refrain from imposing additional levies on parents. The move aims to safeguard parents from undue financial burden and ensure a fair and transparent admission process for all Form One students.


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