Nakuru High School KCSE Results 2023: Academic Triumph, Performance Insights, and Noteworthy Achievements

In the wake of the resounding success of Nakuru High School in the KCSE results of 2023, the echoes of jubilation persist in the air, resonating among teachers, recent candidates, and their proud parents. Let’s delve into a comprehensive analysis of the distinguished Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) outcomes, shedding light on the institution’s remarkable achievements.

Academic Excellence Unveiled: Nakuru High School KCSE Results 2023

Under the adept leadership of Mrs. John Kuyo, the incumbent principal, Nakuru High School has once again secured its position of academic supremacy in Nakuru County. The results showcase an impressive distribution of grades, affirming the school’s commitment to nurturing excellence.

  • A (plain): 3 students
  • A- (minus): 34 students
  • B+ (plus): 51 students
  • B (plain): 58 students
  • B- (minus): 67 students
  • C+ (plus): 38 students
  • C (plain): 36 students
  • C- (minus): 8 students
  • D+ (plus): 3 students

An outstanding feat is the production of 37 A-students, contributing to a record-high 92% pass rate. The mean grade of 8.45 reflects the consistent commitment to academic brilliance among recent candidates.

The performance analysis of Nakuru High School’s KCSE results underscores its outstanding standing in the region. A comparison between the academic years 2022 and 2023 reveals a notable progression.

University entry251
Pass rate84%

The mean score ascended from 8.09 in 2022 to an impressive 8.45 in 2023, showcasing a dedication to continuous improvement and academic excellence.

Historical Perspective: Nakuru Boys High School

Founded in 1927 on 200 acres of land facing Menengai Crater, Nakuru High School has a storied history. Originally named Francis Scott High School, it underwent a significant transformation in 1963 following Kenya’s independence.

The institution, with its prestigious beginnings, holds historical significance, marked by the laying of the first stone by the then-colonial governor, Edward William Macleay Grigg.

Contact Information and Motto: Learn to Serve

Situated along the Nakuru-Bahati Road, Nakuru Boys High School stands as one of Kenya’s National Schools. For inquiries regarding fee structures and admissions, contact the institution using the following details:

  • Phone number: +254735869190
  • Email address:
  • Postal address: 661, 20100 – Nakuru
  • KNEC code: 27500002
  • Motto: Learn to Serve

Feel free to visit Nakuru Boys High School to discover more about its rich history and commitment to academic excellence. The institution welcomes all inquiries with open arms.


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