ECDE Teachers in Bomet Threaten Strike Over Unpaid Salaries

Table of contents

Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers in Bomet County are on the verge of striking, citing prolonged delays in salary payments. The teachers, led by Richard Chebusit, express frustration over the financial challenges they face due to the unpaid salaries, some stretching back to January of the previous year. The situation has not only affected their ability to support their families but has also led to severe consequences such as teachers falling into depression and facing difficulties with loan repayments.


  1. Unpaid Salaries:
    • The ECDE teachers in Bomet highlight that some of them have not received salaries since January of the previous year, causing significant financial strain.
  2. Impact on Families:
  3. Retired Teachers Affected:
    • Even retired teachers are affected by the delay, as they have not received their retirement packages, adding to their financial woes.
  4. Depression and Loan Challenges:
    • The teachers reveal that the situation has resulted in depression among some of their colleagues. Additionally, guarantors are pressuring them over unpaid loans, with some facing the seizure of belongings.
  5. Call for Governor’s Intervention:
    • The teachers call on Governor Hillary Barchok to intervene in the matter, emphasizing that teachers in other counties enjoy better terms and conditions.
  6. Threat of Strike:
    • With frustrations mounting, the ECDE teachers threaten to go on strike starting Monday if the salary payment issues are not promptly addressed.

Final Thoughts

The looming strike by ECDE teachers in Bomet County underscores the severe consequences of delayed salary payments, impacting not only the teachers’ financial stability but also their mental well-being. The call for intervention from the county government emphasizes the urgency of resolving the issue to avoid disruptions in the education sector.


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