TSC Shakes Up KUPPET Leadership: Confusion as Senior Officials Posted Back to Class

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has created confusion within the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) by reassigning three branch executive secretaries to teaching positions, a move deemed unconventional as they are still serving their terms as branch leaders. This unprecedented action has raised questions about the motives behind the decision and has sparked controversy within the union.


  1. Affected Officials:
    • The TSC action affects Omondi Oluoch of Tana River, Moses Kimwere of Isiolo, and William Lengoyiap of Samburu, who are currently serving as branch executive secretaries for KUPPET.
  2. Posting Letters:
    • The affected officials have been posted to various schools to teach specific subjects, with clear instructions to report to their new stations within 14 days.
  3. Unclear Circumstances:
    • The circumstances surrounding this move remain unclear, and the affected officials claim they received no communication from KUPPET Secretary General Akello Misori regarding the situation.

Details of Postings

  1. Omondi Oluoch:
    • Posted to Uriri High School to teach Mathematics and Physics.
  2. Moses Kimwere:
    • Posted to Waso Secondary School to teach Mathematics and Chemistry.
  3. William Lengoyiap:
    • Posted to Kirisia Secondary School to teach Biology and Agriculture.

Lack of Communication from KUPPET

  1. Unaware of Circumstances:
    • The affected officials claim they were not informed or communicated with by the union leadership about the circumstances surrounding the TSC’s decision.
  2. Elected Leaders’ Concerns:
    • Oluoch, Kimwere, and Lengoyiap, elected leaders of their respective branches, express confusion and concern about the unexpected move, emphasizing that they were not notified by KUPPET.

Opposition to Pro-Rata Policy

  1. Alleged Motivation:
    • According to the affected officials, the decision to reassign them to teaching roles is linked to their opposition to the pro-rata policy within the union.
  2. Support for Colleague:
    • They stood in solidarity with KUPPET Machakos branch Vice Chairperson Yvonne Mutindi, facing disciplinary action, who also opposes the pro-rata rule.

Contradiction in TSC’s Rules

  1. Rule on Re-election:
    • TSC’s release letter states that branch executive secretaries are posted back to class only if they fail to be re-elected.
  2. Ignored Rules:
    • However, the TSC move seems to contradict its own rules, as the affected officials have not lost in any election.

Final Thoughts

The TSC’s unusual decision to reassign elected branch executive secretaries to teaching positions within KUPPET has sparked confusion and controversy. The lack of communication from KUPPET leadership and the alleged connection to opposition to the pro-rata policy raise questions about the motivations behind these actions. The situation underscores the internal strife within the union and the potential involvement of external entities, such as the TSC, in the union’s internal affairs.


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