Ministry Warns of Arrests as Less Than 20% of KCPE Candidates Yet to Report to Form One

The Ministry of Education is intensifying efforts to achieve a 100% transition of learners who sat the 2023 KCPE exams into secondary school. Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang has issued a stern warning to parents, stating that failure to enroll their children in school could lead to arrests. He emphasized that the lack of a school uniform should not be a reason for keeping a learner at home.

Low Enrollment in Mombasa

  1. Enrollment Statistics:
    • Speaking in Mombasa, PS Belio highlighted the county’s low enrollment of Form One learners, reporting that only 80% of the expected 1.4 million learners had reported as of the previous week.
  2. Remaining 20%:
    • Approximately 280,000 learners, representing the remaining 20%, had not reported by the mentioned timeframe.
  3. Optimism for Improvement:
    • The PS expressed optimism that the remaining learners would enroll by the end of the week, targeting a complete transition.

Warning to Parents

  1. Legal Consequences:
    • PS Belio issued a stern warning that parents failing to take their children to school could face legal consequences under the Basic Education Act.
  2. Uniform Not an Excuse:
    • Emphasizing the importance of education, he stated that the lack of a school uniform should not serve as an excuse for parents to keep their children out of school.

Coastal Region Concerns

  1. Low Enrollment in Coastal Region:
    • The coastal region, including Mombasa, was specifically mentioned for recording low enrollment, with only 56% in the first week of admission.
  2. Mop-Up Exercise:
    • PS Belio, along with Interior PS Raymond Omollo, conducted a mop-up exercise in the coastal region to ensure the enrollment of 2023 KCPE candidates into Form One.

Support for Learners Without Uniforms

  1. Appeal to School Heads:
  2. Risk of Dropping Out:
    • Highlighting the phasing out of the 8-4-4 curriculum in primary schools, the PS emphasized that learners missing the opportunity to join Form One this year risk dropping out.

Mop-Up Exercise and Home Visits

  1. Engagement in Mop-Up Exercise:
    • PS Belio actively participated in the mop-up exercise to facilitate the admission of 2023 KCPE candidates into secondary schools.
  2. Home Visits:
    • The PS and Interior PS visited the homes of children who had not joined Form One in Mombasa county, demonstrating a hands-on approach to address enrollment challenges.

Final Thoughts

The Ministry’s determination to achieve a complete transition from primary to secondary school is underscored by the warning of legal consequences for parents who fail to enroll their children. The focus on addressing challenges such as the lack of school uniforms and conducting mop-up exercises reflects a proactive approach to ensure every eligible learner receives an education.


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