Tombe Girls High School Witness Silent Handover Amidst Principal Shake-up

Tombe Girls High School in Nyamira County recently experienced a significant change in leadership, marked by the promotion and transfer of former Principal Jane Nyanumba to Sironga Girls National School. The unexpected transition has left both students and staff in surprise, and the handover ceremony was conducted in a closed-door meeting. The incoming Principal Rael Mokua aims to build on the school’s achievements and elevate its status.

The Handover Ceremony

  1. Silent Transition:
    • The handing-over ceremony, presided over by the Nyamira County Teachers Service Commission director Catherine Mwenda, took place discreetly in the principal’s office.
  2. Surprise for Students:
    • Students were called for an impromptu parade and informed about the transfer during prayers, leading to expressions of shock and whispers among them.
  3. Board of Management’s Address:
    • Charles Nyandusi, the chairman of the Board of Management, addressed the students, acknowledging Jane Nyanumba’s contribution to the school and assuring them of the capabilities of the new principal, Rael Mokua.

Students’ Reaction

  1. Expressions of Shock:
    • Students expressed shock and disappointment at not being informed earlier about the principal’s transfer, questioning why they were not informed.
  2. Wild Reaction:
    • The announcement stirred strong reactions from the students, making it challenging for the chairman to calm them down.
  3. Assurance from BOM:
    • Charles Nyandusi reassured the students that the new principal, Rael Mokua, would continue the school’s progress and take it to the next level.

Introduction of the New Principal

  1. Background of Rael Mokua:
    • The chairman introduced the incoming principal, Rael Mokua, highlighting her experience as a principal at Itibo Girls and Chwele Girls High School in Bungoma.
  2. Warm Reception:
    • Rael Mokua expressed delight at joining Tombe Girls and thanked the students for the warm reception, promising to work hard to elevate the school’s status.
  3. Ambitious Goals:
    • Mokua shared her aspirations for the school, aiming to achieve national school status and calling for cooperation from both staff and students.

Outgoing Principal’s Farewell

  1. Mixed Emotions:
    • Jane Nyanumba expressed mixed emotions about her transfer, being happy about the promotion but sad to leave behind her beloved school.
  2. Acknowledgment of Contributions:
    • Nyanumba thanked the staff for their dedication and students for contributing to her success story, referring to Tombe Girls as her “Blue Palace.”
  3. Pledge for Continued Support:
    • The outgoing principal assured her support for the new principal and encouraged the staff to work together for the school’s success.

Final Thoughts

The unexpected principal shake-up at Tombe Girls High School reflects the challenges and emotions that can arise during leadership transitions in educational institutions. The assurance from the Board of Management and the commitment of both outgoing and incoming principals will play a crucial role in maintaining the school’s trajectory of success.


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