Isongo Learners Express Gratitude to TSC for New Teachers, Pledge Improved Performance

In a positive turn of events, learners at Isongo Secondary School in Kakamega County are expressing gratitude to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for swiftly responding to their needs by posting 17 new teachers to their institution. The students commend TSC boss Nancy Macharia for addressing their concerns and promise to reciprocate with improved academic performance.

Learners’ Appreciation

  1. Relief and Gratitude:
    • Learners commend TSC boss Nancy Macharia for quickly responding to their cries for help.
    • Express relief and gratitude for the swift action taken in addressing the teacher shortage at their school.
  2. Acknowledgment of TSC’s Understanding:
    • Recognize Nancy Macharia’s background as a former student and teacher, appreciating her understanding of their plight.
  3. Promise of Improved Performance:
    • Pledge to work hard and bring good grades to their school as a way of showing appreciation for the new teachers.

MP Peter Salasya’s Commendation

  1. Appreciation for TSC’s Response:
    • MP Peter Salasya lauds Nancy Macharia and TSC for promptly responding to the concerns raised by the learners and local leaders.
  2. Positive Outlook for Isongo Secondary School:
    • Assures that Isongo Secondary School is committed to positive change, promising improvement in discipline and academic performance.
  3. Assurance of Collaboration:
    • Urges the community to collaborate with the newly posted teachers to ensure a conducive learning environment.

TSC’s Announcement and Perspective

  1. TSC’s Decision and Warning:
    • Nancy Macharia announces the posting of 17 new teachers to Isongo Secondary School following an incident where parents forced out the previous teachers due to poor performance.
  2. Transfer Intention and Investigation:
    • Explains that the decision to transfer teachers is aimed at protecting their lives amidst insecurity and facilitating investigations into the incident.
  3. Immediate Resumption of Learning Activities:
    • Informs that the 17 teachers are expected to report to the school immediately to ensure the resumption of all learning activities.
  4. Call for Collaboration:
    • Urges the community to work collaboratively with the newly posted teachers to achieve the desired educational outcomes.
  5. Fair Assessment of Teachers:
    • Emphasizes that blaming teachers for low performance in national examinations is unfair, highlighting that results are a cumulative effort involving all education stakeholders, including parents.

Final Thoughts

The swift response from TSC to address the teacher shortage at Isongo Secondary School has not only brought relief to the learners but has also sparked a commitment to excellence. The positive collaboration between TSC, local leaders, and the community sets a promising trajectory for the school’s future, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in achieving educational goals.


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