Turmoil at St Gabriel’s Isongo: TSC Shuffles Teaching Staff Amidst Principal’s Ouster

In the heart of Mumias East constituency, St Gabriel’s Isongo secondary school finds itself entangled in a web of controversy, with the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) making a decisive move to transfer all 17 teachers following a tumultuous incident involving the forceful ejection of the school principal, David Wanjala, and Director of Studies, Godfrey Masibo.

The Uproar

Last week, disgruntled parents, fueled by dissatisfaction with the school’s performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, took matters into their own hands. Allegations of “poor results” led to the forceful removal of key school figures, leaving the institution in disarray.

Official Meetings and Control Shift

Education officials convened meetings with the school’s Board of Management (BOM) and representatives of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) to seek resolution. Mumias East subcounty director of education, Boniface Ouko, revealed that the school is now under the control of the BOM and teachers hired by the board, awaiting further directives.

TSC’s Response

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Ouko urged parents to remain patient as discussions unfold. He disclosed plans for ministry officials to meet with TSC CEO Nancy Macharia to chart the way forward. However, County TSC Director Margaret Kinyanjui declined to comment, maintaining a discreet stance.

Political Intrigue

Adding a layer of complexity, local Member of Parliament Peter Salasya faced hostility when attempting to address the school. His call for an apology from area MCA Peter Walunya, related to a recent fracas at a funeral, escalated tensions. Salasya’s directive to restrict access to the school and subsequent confrontation with students further intensified the atmosphere.

The Parental Rebellion

The root cause of the turmoil stems from parents’ dissatisfaction with the school’s academic performance under Principal David Wafula. Accusing him of overseeing a decline in education standards, they highlighted a stark drop in mean scores from 5.2 to 2.89, with only two university entry grades among 179 candidates in the last KCSE.

Fina Thoughts

As St Gabriel’s Isongo grapples with a significant staff reshuffle and administrative uncertainties, the community awaits a resolution to this education crisis. The dynamics at play involve not only academic concerns but also political tensions, creating a multifaceted challenge that demands a careful and comprehensive approach.


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