Governor Wavinya Ndeti’s Initiative Grants Full Scholarships to 40 Needy Machakos Children

In a commendable move towards fostering education and transforming lives, Machakos County Governor Wavinya Ndeti has launched the ‘Machakos County Scholarship Program,’ offering full scholarships to 40 bright but needy children who excelled in their 2023 KCPE examinations. The initiative aims to support these students throughout their entire secondary education, echoing the sentiment that education is a powerful tool for change, as emphasized by the late Nelson Mandela.

Governor Ndeti’s Commitment

Governor Wavinya Ndeti expressed her excitement during the launch at her Whitehouse office, underscoring the significance of empowering young minds through education. Drawing inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s words, she emphasized the transformative power of education and acknowledged the challenges faced by orphaned children in pursuing their academic goals due to financial constraints.

Financial Commitment and Positive Impact

Since assuming office, Governor Ndeti has committed to supporting education in Machakos County. Last year, the government disbursed Sh80 million through the bursary program, and the commitment has continued with a Sh120 million allocation in the current financial year. The support has provided relief to parents in 40 wards, alleviating economic hardships.

Machakos County Scholarship Program

Under the newly introduced Machakos County Scholarship drive, Governor Ndeti announced full scholarships for 40 academically outstanding but vulnerable students from each ward. The scholarship covers school fees for four academic years, aiming to create a lasting impact on the educational journey of these deserving students.

Fair Vetting and Standards

Governor Ndeti highlighted the importance of fairness in the selection process. The beneficiaries were vetted and identified by various ward scholarship committees, ensuring that the scholarships are awarded based on merit, performance, and high standards of discipline. Furthermore, Ndeti adopted a nurturing role, assuring the students that any issues of indiscipline or poor performance would be directly addressed by her.

Appeal for Focus and Encouragement

Addressing parents and guardians, Governor Ndeti urged them to encourage the beneficiaries to remain focused on their education. Emphasizing her role as their “second mother,” she made it clear that teachers would directly report any issues, reinforcing the importance of discipline and dedication to academic excellence.

Challenges Faced

While 40 fortunate children benefit from this initiative, the narrative also sheds light on the plight of three others—twins Robert Dusenge and Lambert Dusenge, and Elijah Wambua. Despite their outstanding performances, they currently face the uncertainty of joining Machakos School due to financial constraints, making a poignant appeal for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Governor Wavinya Ndeti’s Machakos County Scholarship Program stands as a beacon of hope, opening doors for bright but underprivileged students to realize their educational aspirations. As these 40 beneficiaries embark on their academic journey, the initiative underscores the transformative power of education and the pivotal role it plays in shaping a brighter future for Machakos County.


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