A Guide for TSC Teachers to Check Pension Details Submitted to Treasury

For teachers under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in Kenya, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of pension details submitted to the Treasury is a crucial step towards a seamless retirement. This guide provides an overview of the process and steps involved in checking pension status through the T-Pay portal.

Retirement Notice and Essential Tasks

Two years prior to the anticipated retirement date, TSC issues a formal notice to teachers, providing important tasks to complete:

  1. Submission of Necessary Documents: Teachers must promptly submit all essential documents outlined in the retirement notice to facilitate accurate processing of retirement benefits.
  2. Providing Banking Details: Furnish complete bank account particulars using provided bank forms to ensure efficient pension payments into their accounts.
  3. Pension Conversion Option: Teachers have the choice to convert a fraction of their pension, allowing a lump sum payment of up to a quarter of the total pension amount.
  4. Tax Status Verification: Confirm tax status with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to comply with tax regulations.

Checking TSC Pension Status Online

  1. Visit the TSC official website.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and locate “Quick Links.”
  3. Click on “Pension Status.”

Steps to Check Pension Status

  1. Choose the relevant claim and click “Download.”
  2. Review the provided information, including pension contributions, current pension account status, and other pertinent details.

Contacting TSC for Assistance

For specific inquiries or difficulties, reach out to the Teachers Service Commission directly for personalized support.

Documentation and Record-Keeping

  • Keep a secure record of pension details, including confirmation or reference numbers.
  • This documentation is valuable for reference and dispute resolution.

Ensuring the accuracy of pension details is vital for teachers planning their retirement. Regularly checking and verifying information through the T-Pay portal empowers TSC teachers to address concerns proactively and contribute to the smooth processing of their pension benefits.


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