Navigating TPAD 2: A Detailed Guide to Mandatory Evidences

Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is a cornerstone in the professional journey of educators, emphasizing continuous improvement. In this guide, we delve into the mandatory documents required for TPAD 2, providing teachers with a roadmap to effectively showcase their performance.

Quick Summary:

  • TPAD 2 demands the attachment of evidential documents for each target.
  • Although optional, attaching documentary evidence is strongly advised to substantiate scores.
  • Failure to fill TPAD data termly may lead to disciplinary action by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Understanding the Mandatory Documents:

1. Professional Knowledge and Practice

  • Demonstrate Mastery of Subject Content:
    • Lesson Plans
    • Lesson Observation Records
    • Different Instructional Materials
  • Undertake Lesson Observation:
    • Records of Lesson Observation
    • Lesson Observation Notes
  • Utilize Teaching/Learning Resources:
    • Availability of Improvised/Procured Teaching/Learning Resources/Aids
  • Prepare Professional Documents:
  • Identify Learners’ Capability and Learning Styles:
    • Learner Study Records
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Identify and Nurture Learners’ Talents:
    • Record of Talent Development
    • Certificates/Awards
  • Integrate ICT in Teaching and Learning:
    • Availability of Digital Content
    • ICT Integrated Lesson Plans
    • Printed Content (Photos, Printouts)
  • Carry Out Learner Assessment, Feedback, and Reporting:
    • Learner Assessment Reports
    • List of Strategies to Improve Learner Performance
    • Letter Communicating Feedback

2. Comprehensive Learning Environment

  • Create Child-Friendly School/Class Environment:
    • Clean Environment
    • Records of Learner Participation in Programmes/Clubs/Societies
  • Create a Stimulating Classroom Environment:
    • Classroom with Talking Walls, Nature Corner, Shop, Models, Learners’ Work Displayed
  • Ensure Safety of Learners:
    • Records of Sensitization
  • Manage Learners’ Conduct and Behavior:
    • Well Displayed School/Class Rules and Regulations
    • Guidance and Counseling Records
    • Records of Challenging Behavior and Corrective Measures
    • Records of Parental Involvement

3. Teacher Professional Development

  • Prepare Self-Professional Development Support Plan:
    • Updated TPD Support Plan
  • Engage in Continuous and Relevant Career Growth:
    • Records of Teacher-Initiated and School-Based TPD Activities

4. Teacher Conduct & Professionalism

  • Demonstrate Knowledge on Legal Requirements:
    • Policy Documents Available and in Use
  • Observe Punctuality and Meeting Deadlines:
    • Updated Daily Attendance Register
    • Analyzed Lesson Attendance Register
    • Record of Submission of Professional Documents
    • Display of Syllabus Coverage
    • Teacher’s Lesson Notes Based on Current Syllabus
    • Checked Learners’ Exercise Books

5. Participation in Professional Learning Community

  • Join Professional Learning Community (PLC):
    • Records of Membership in Professional Learning Community/Cluster/Groups
  • Collaborate with Colleagues and Broader Learning Community:
    • Records of Participation in Professional Learning Communities
    • Initiatives Implemented in Collaboration
  • Collaborate with Parents/Guardians and Other Stakeholders:
    • Records of Parents’/Guardians’ Involvement
    • Records of Learner Participation/Involvement in Community Service
    • Joint Activities with Stakeholders/Parents/Guardians
  • Establish Linkages with the Community:
    • Invitation Letters
    • Attendance Lists
    • Activity Reports
  • Participate in Programs Organized with Educational Bodies:
    • Invitation Letters
    • Programme/Project Reports

Final Thoughts:

Understanding and meticulously preparing the mandatory documents for TPAD 2 not only aligns with TSC expectations but also showcases a commitment to professional growth. Teachers, armed with comprehensive evidence, can navigate TPAD 2 confidently, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the educational landscape.


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