Empowering 297 Needy Students: Bursaries for Education in Nandi

Karebe Gold Mining Company and the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation have jointly provided bursaries to 297 needy students in Nandi County. This initiative aims to ensure that children from humble backgrounds can pursue their high school education without financial constraints.

Karebe Gold Mining Company’s Contribution

  1. Bursaries for Needy Children: Karebe Gold Mining Company, through its administrative manager Albert Kiplimo, has allocated Sh1 million to support children from vulnerable backgrounds. The focus is on orphans, single parents, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and economically disadvantaged families.
  2. Community Impact: The majority of beneficiaries reside in the community surrounding Chemase and Chemelil ward, where the Gold mine is located. The company is actively involved in the enhancement of local schools, contributing to the construction of teachers’ quarters, modern science laboratories, dormitories, and classrooms.
  3. Social Equalizer: Recognizing education as a social equalizer, Karebe Gold Mining Company is committed to making a positive impact on the region’s education sector. The company’s resources are directed towards supporting education, ensuring that no child misses out on high school due to financial constraints.
  4. Community Involvement: The identification of beneficiaries is carried out through public participation, involving the community in the selection process to ensure transparency and fairness.

Jomo Kenyatta Foundation’s Scholarships

  1. Academic Scholarships: The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation has provided four years of academic scholarships to 197 students in Kapsabet. This initiative aligns with the foundation’s commitment to promoting education and supporting deserving students.
  2. Director’s Appeal: Nandi County Director of Education, Harrison Muriuki, has passionately appealed to companies, including multi-national tea companies, to step in and support at least 200 needy children each year in Nandi county.

Impact and Community Responses

  1. Positive Community Feedback: The community, represented by Henry Muge, the chairman of the community development agreement committee, has expressed appreciation for Karebe Gold Mining Company’s support. The committee serves as a bridge between the investment company and the community, facilitating the channeling of funds to various community programs.
  2. Health and Infrastructure Support: In addition to education, Karebe Gold Mines is actively contributing to the improvement of healthcare by distributing essential medical facilities and drugs to local health facilities. The company is also providing clean piped water to households and repairing access roads in the Chemase area, significantly improving the standard of living.
  3. Spiritual Leader’s Perspective: Reverend Charles Kosgei of Tuiyobei A.I.C has emphasized the importance of follow-up support for the students who have received bursaries. He urged the mining company to ensure continuous assistance until the students successfully complete their high school education.

The collaborative efforts of Karebe Gold Mining Company and the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation underscore the significance of private sector engagement in education and community development. These initiatives not only provide financial support but also contribute to the holistic well-being of the community, creating a positive ripple effect on education, healthcare, and infrastructure.


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