Unrest at Kaarani Mixed Secondary School: Students Protest Strict Rules

Fifty-five boys from Kaarani Mixed Secondary School in Tharaka Nithi County staged a walkout in protest against the strict regulations enforced by their new principal. The students, who exited the school premises by passing through a barbed wire fence, are yet to return to the institution. The incident, which occurred on Saturday, has been reported to the police.


  1. New Principal’s Arrival: The cause of the unrest is attributed to the arrival of a new principal in October 2023. The students appear to be dissatisfied with the stringent rules implemented by the recently appointed school leader.
  2. Police Report: A police report indicates that the situation was managed by officers on the scene. Fortunately, no property damage or injuries were reported during the protest.

Current Status

  1. Missing Students: The whereabouts of the 55 boys who participated in the walkout are currently unknown. The school authorities and local law enforcement are likely making efforts to locate and ensure the students’ safety.
  2. Remaining Students: The police report assures that the remaining students, including 75 girls and 12 boys, who chose to stay in school have resumed their normal learning schedules.

Assurance of Order

The police presence has helped maintain order during the students’ protest. The assurance that no property was damaged and no injuries were reported suggests that the situation was handled without major incidents.

Final Thoughts

The unrest at Kaarani Mixed Secondary School highlights the challenges that can arise when there is a perceived disconnect between students and school authorities. It remains to be seen how the school administration, local authorities, and the new principal will address the concerns of the protesting students and whether measures will be taken to foster a more positive and collaborative school environment.


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