Empowering Education: NGAAF Bursary Launched by Bungoma County MP

In a significant stride towards fostering education, Bungoma County MP Catherine Wambilianga has officially inaugurated the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) Bursary Fund. Valued at Ksh7.2 million, this fund is earmarked to benefit vulnerable children across the 45 Wards of Bungoma County, ensuring they have access to quality education.

Quick Summary:

  • Bungoma County MP Catherine Wambilianga initiates NGAAF Bursary Fund of Ksh7.2 million for vulnerable children in 45 Wards.
  • Despite the limited funds, Wambilianga expresses commitment to supporting needy students, emphasizing the critical need for parental involvement.
  • NGAAF not only focuses on education but also aims to provide sanitary towels to girls in rural day secondary schools.

Advocacy for Education

Addressing a gathering at St Kizito Mayanja Mixed Secondary School in South Bukusu Ward, Wambilianga pledged her ongoing commitment to enhancing the education sector. She acknowledged the financial constraints, expressing determination to assist as many needy cases as possible. The MP highlighted the importance of parental involvement in nurturing and guiding children, aiming to address issues like teenage pregnancies.

Beyond Books: NGAAF’s Holistic Approach

NGAAF, under Wambilianga’s leadership, goes beyond conventional educational support. Apart from the bursary fund, the initiative is dedicated to providing sanitary towels to girls, especially those in rural day secondary schools. This holistic approach aims to tackle challenges that might hinder a student’s access to education.

A Plea for Technological Advancement

The event also saw the school principal, Kong’ani Mabonga, urging regional leaders to support the school in procuring more computers. Mabonga, who also serves as the KESSHA chairman in Bumula Sub-county, emphasized the importance of technological advancement in enhancing the learning environment.

Final Thoughts

Catherine Wambilianga’s launch of the NGAAF Bursary Fund is a commendable step towards ensuring that vulnerable children in Bungoma County have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Beyond financial aid, the initiative’s focus on addressing broader challenges faced by students demonstrates a commitment to holistic empowerment. As the region looks forward to the positive impact of this initiative, it also calls for collective efforts to support technological advancements in schools, contributing to a more enriched and comprehensive learning experience.


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