Governor Timamy Launches Ksh2.6M Bursary Scheme for Needy Students

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has inaugurated a Ksh2.6 million bursary scheme aimed at supporting economically disadvantaged students in six secondary schools across Faza and Kiunga Wards in Lamu East Sub-county. This initiative, aligning with Governor Timamy’s commitment to ensuring every child’s access to basic education, reflects the region’s dedication to uplifting the lives of those in need.

Quick Summary

  • Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has launched a Ksh2.6 million bursary scheme targeting needy students in Faza and Kiunga Wards.
  • The initiative aims to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting equal access to basic education.
  • Governor Timamy emphasizes the transformative power of education, stating that it can elevate one’s life irrespective of their background.
  • The governor pledges to ensure timely scholarship disbursement for continuing students (Form 2-4), starting from next week.
  • Education CECM Sebastian Owanga appreciates the extension of the Form One scholarship and bursary application deadline to February 1, 2024, ensuring broader participation.

Empowering Needy Students

Governor Timamy’s commitment to supporting students from needy backgrounds underscores the recognition of education as a powerful equalizer. The bursary scheme, with an initial allocation of Ksh2.6 million, is a step towards providing financial support to those who might otherwise face barriers to education. By focusing on schools in Faza and Kiunga Wards, the initiative is tailored to address specific needs in Lamu East Sub-county.

Governor’s Vision for Educational Equality

During the launch, Governor Timamy expressed a vision of transforming lives and supporting the dreams of future generations through education. He emphasized the role of education as the greatest equalizer, capable of transcending socio-economic boundaries. The governor’s commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric, with a tangible plan to ensure that every child in Lamu County exercises their constitutional right to basic education.

Timely Scholarship Disbursement

Governor Timamy’s assurance that continuing students (Form 2-4) will commence receiving their scholarships from the following week adds a practical dimension to the initiative. Timely disbursement is crucial in ensuring that students can seamlessly pursue their education without financial constraints. This commitment reflects a proactive approach to implementing the bursary scheme and positively impacting the lives of Lamu County’s students.

Extended Application Deadline

Education CECM Sebastian Owanga acknowledged Governor Timamy’s decision to extend the Form One scholarship and bursary application deadline to February 1, 2024. This extension provides parents and guardians with an extended opportunity to apply, ensuring that no deserving student is left out of the program. It reflects the administration’s responsiveness to the community’s needs and a commitment to maximizing the impact of the bursary scheme.

Final Thoughts

Governor Issa Timamy’s Ksh2.6 million bursary initiative marks a significant stride towards educational empowerment in Lamu County. By prioritizing students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, the program aligns with the principles of equality and access to basic education. As the scholarships are disbursed in the coming weeks, Lamu County stands as a beacon of educational inclusivity, fostering hope and transforming lives through the invaluable tool of education.


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