Decoding Accountant Salaries in Kenya 2024: Ranks, Earnings, and Qualifications

In the complex financial landscape of Kenya, accountants play a pivotal role in managing, analyzing, and inspecting financial accounts within companies. This article explores the diverse spectrum of accountant salaries in Kenya in 2024, delving into earnings, ranks, and the qualifications that define this esteemed profession.

Quick Summary

  • Accountants in Kenya fulfill crucial roles, including creating financial reports, managing budgets, administering payroll, and maintaining balance sheets.
  • The salary of an accountant in Kenya varies based on factors like education, experience, gender, and location.
  • Chief accountants, with responsibilities for financial and performance reports, can earn between Ksh 83,100 and Ksh 2,353,120 monthly.
  • Chartered accountants, recognized internationally, earn approximately between Ksh 71,900 and Ksh 212,000 per month.
  • Senior accountants, bank accountants, junior accountants, and assistant accountants have varying salary ranges based on experience and responsibilities.

Deciphering Accountant Salaries

1. Chief Accountant Salary

Chief accountants, often considered principal accounting officers, oversee comprehensive accounting functions within a company. Their monthly salary ranges from Ksh 83,100 to 2,353,120, with an average of Ksh 160,000. To qualify for this role, a bachelor’s degree, QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification, and seven years of CPA experience are typically required.

2. Chartered Accountant Salary

Chartered accountants, with international recognition, earn between Ksh 71,900 and Ksh 212,000 per month. These professionals play crucial roles in auditing, assurance, financial accounting, and reporting, requiring a combination of education and experience.

3. Senior Accountant Salary

Senior accountants, positioned between junior and chief accountants, earn an average monthly salary ranging from Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 199,000. Qualifications include a relevant bachelor’s degree, three years of experience, and a CPA license in good standing.

4. Bank Accountant Salary

Responsible for overseeing financial accounts in banking institutions, bank accountants earn between Ksh 34,000 and Ksh 124,000 per month.

5. Junior Accountant Earnings

Entry-level graduates, starting as junior accountants, earn an average monthly salary ranging from Ksh 19,478 to Ksh 71,239, depending on the employer.

6. Assistant Accountant Salary

Assisting general accountants, these professionals earn a monthly salary between Ksh 39,000 and Ksh 135,000.

Regional Disparities

Accountant salaries vary by location. In Nairobi, accountants earn approximately Ksh 111,000 per month, while counterparts in cities like Kisumu and Mombasa earn Ksh 95,400 and Ksh 103,000, respectively.

Factors Influencing Salaries

The salary of an accountant hinges on factors such as education level, years of experience, gender, and location. Higher academic qualifications, coupled with extensive experience, contribute to higher wages.

Final Thoughts

The accountant’s journey in Kenya is a dynamic one, influenced by education, experience, and the intricacies of different roles. Whether managing financial accounts for a bank or steering the financial ship of a company as a chief accountant, the diverse accountant salaries underscore the significance of this profession in Kenya’s economic landscape. As aspiring accountants navigate their careers, understanding the nuanced factors influencing salaries will undoubtedly contribute to their success in this esteemed field.


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