Empowering Youth Through Technical Education: Kiru Ward’s Initiative

In a move aimed at empowering local youth with technical skills, Kiru Ward has announced the sponsorship of 84 youths through the local Ward Development Fund. These youths, part of the first cohort recruited into the Murang’a Youth Service, will undergo training in various technical courses, setting the stage for potential employment in technical fields or entrepreneurship.

Quick Summary

  • Kiru Ward, under the leadership of MCA Morris Thuku, plans to sponsor 84 youths for technical courses through the local Ward Development Fund.
  • The sponsored youths were part of the first cohort recruited into the Murang’a Youth Service and engaged in community activities for two months.
  • Each recruited youth will only be required to contribute Sh. 2,000 per month, with all other expenses covered by the Ward Development Fund.
  • The technical courses, offered at Wanjohi Vocational Training Centre, include disciplines such as tilling, painting, hairdressing, beauty, plumbing, welding, and electrical installation.
  • MCA Morris Thuku commends the Murang’a Youth Programme initiated by Governor Irungu Kang’ata’s administration, noting its positive impact on reducing alcoholism and drug abuse among the youth.
  • The Murang’a Youth Service, launched in October the previous year, engages youth in various activities, providing a daily wage of Sh. 500 per participant, paid by the County Government.
  • Thuku emphasizes the efforts of local leaders in Kiru Ward to ensure that all candidates who sat for KCPE last year are enrolled in secondary schools, addressing challenges faced by some learners in the enrollment process.

Investing in Technical Skills for Empowerment

Sponsoring 84 youths for technical courses signifies a strategic investment in developing skills that can lead to employment or entrepreneurial ventures. The decision to cover most expenses under the Ward Development Fund demonstrates a commitment to breaking financial barriers that often hinder youth from pursuing technical education.

Positive Impact of Murang’a Youth Programme

The commendation of the Murang’a Youth Programme highlights its success in not only engaging youth in meaningful activities but also addressing societal issues such as alcoholism and drug abuse. The programme’s wage system provides a direct economic benefit to participating youth, contributing to their well-being.

Community Engagement and Development

The involvement of recruited youth in maintaining cleanliness in trading centres showcases a community-focused approach to youth engagement. This not only contributes to local development but also instills a sense of responsibility and pride among the youth in contributing to the well-being of their communities.

Financial Accessibility and Secondary School Enrollment

By requiring a nominal contribution from the sponsored youths for their technical education, the initiative ensures financial accessibility, making it inclusive for a broader range of participants. Additionally, the commitment of local leaders to address challenges in secondary school enrollment demonstrates a holistic approach to youth development, recognizing the importance of education in their future.

Final Thoughts

Kiru Ward’s initiative to sponsor youths for technical courses reflects a proactive approach to youth empowerment, aligning with broader goals of skill development and community engagement. The combination of technical education, financial support, and community involvement positions these youths for a brighter future, equipped with skills that contribute to both personal growth and the overall development of Kiru Ward.


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