NCBA’s Scholarship Initiative: Empowering Bright Futures


Access to quality education remains a cornerstone of opportunity and empowerment, especially for underprivileged children in Kenya. Recognizing this fundamental need, the NCBA Group has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to provide scholarships worth Kes12 million, supporting over 100 deserving students. This initiative underscores NCBA’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive education and driving positive change across the country.

Quick Summary:

Empowering Through Education:

In a bid to create pathways to success for bright scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds, the NCBA Group has launched a transformative scholarship program. This initiative goes beyond mere financial assistance; it represents a promise of empowerment and transformation for individuals and communities alike.

Breaking Down Barriers:

The Kes12 million financing plan, distributed through strategic partnerships, aims to reach beneficiaries from all corners of Kenya. By addressing financial constraints and dismantling barriers to education, NCBA is ensuring that every deserving student, irrespective of their socio-economic background, has an equal opportunity to fulfill their academic potential.

A Holistic Approach:

Aligned with NCBA Group’s “Change the Story” sustainability platform, the scholarship initiative embodies a holistic approach to education. By collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the Dr. Choksey Albinism Foundation, M-PESA Foundation, and SOS Children’s Villages Kenya, NCBA is not only providing financial support but also nurturing holistic development among beneficiaries.

Nurturing Future Leaders:

John Gachora, NCBA Group Managing Director, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Beyond academic excellence, NCBA aims to instill values and skills that will empower students to become catalysts for positive change in their communities.

Expanding Impact:

To further extend its reach and impact, NCBA has forged partnerships with new foundations, including the Kenya Scholar Access Program (KENSAP) and WEDCO. These collaborations enable NCBA to support top students from underprivileged backgrounds in accessing prestigious Ivy League colleges and provide opportunities to youth from informal settlements, respectively.

Commitment to Change:

James Ndegwa, NCBA Group Chairman, reaffirms the organization’s dedication to education as a driver of positive transformation. With an annual allocation of Kes100 million towards community support, NCBA is committed to being an active agent in enabling equitable and quality education, thereby fostering a brighter future for Kenya.


In conclusion, NCBA’s scholarship initiative epitomizes the power of education to uplift individuals and communities. By investing in the academic pursuits of underprivileged youth, NCBA is not only changing individual narratives but also laying the foundation for a more prosperous and inclusive society. Through collaboration, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to change, NCBA is paving the way for a brighter, more promising future for generations to come.


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