Labour Court Rules TSC Cannot Transfer Teachers as Disciplinary Measure


In a significant ruling, the Labour Relations Court in Nairobi has declared that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) lacks the authority to transfer teachers as a disciplinary measure. This landmark judgment, delivered by Justice Byrum Ongaya, has far-reaching implications for the disciplinary procedures within the education sector and underscores the importance of upholding constitutional principles and the rule of law.

Quick Summary:

  • The Labour Relations Court rules that TSC cannot transfer teachers as a disciplinary measure, citing lack of legal authority.
  • Justice Byrum Ongaya strikes down delegation of disciplinary matters to committees and junior officers, deeming it unconstitutional.
  • The ruling stems from a case filed by Dorcas Chelegat, challenging her interdiction by a principal at Moi Girls Nairobi.

Upholding Constitutional Principles:

Justice Ongaya’s ruling highlights the constitutional principles of natural justice and the rule of law. He emphasizes that disciplinary actions against teachers must adhere to legal procedures and ensure fair treatment.

The court’s judgment clarifies that TSC does not possess the legal authority to transfer teachers as a form of punishment. This ruling closes a previously utilized avenue for disciplining errant teachers and emphasizes the need for alternative disciplinary measures.

Implications for Disciplinary Procedures:

The ruling has significant implications for disciplinary procedures within the education sector. It underscores the necessity for TSC to review its disciplinary policies and ensure compliance with legal standards.

The court’s decision effectively closes the avenue of transferring teachers as a disciplinary measure, forcing TSC to explore alternative methods for addressing misconduct among educators.


In conclusion, the Labour Relations Court’s ruling on TSC’s authority to transfer teachers as a disciplinary measure sets a precedent for upholding constitutional principles and ensuring fairness in disciplinary proceedings within the education sector. Moving forward, TSC must adhere to legal standards and explore alternative disciplinary measures to address misconduct among teachers while respecting their rights and ensuring due process.


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