Every Applicant to Receive NGCDF Bursaries, Assures MP Sylvanus Osoro

In a commendable move towards fostering education and development in South Mugirango, Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvanus Osoro has assured all students who applied for the NGCDF (National Government Constituency Development Fund) bursaries that they will receive the allocated funds. Speaking at Etago town, the MP expressed gratitude to the Treasury for the early release of funds, enabling timely reinforcement of education and development projects in the constituency.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Sylvanus Osoro conveyed his appreciation to the Treasury for its prompt disbursement of funds, acknowledging the pivotal role it plays in supporting education and other development initiatives at the grassroots level. He emphasized the significance of this financial support in empowering students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their educational goals.

Encouraging Student Responsibility

Encouraging students to seize the opportunity provided by the government’s aid, Osoro highlighted the importance of hard work. He affirmed that the government has fulfilled its part, and now it is on the students to make the most of the opportunity to enhance their lives.

“The government has done its part; it now remains on your side to seize the opportunity and better your lives,” stated the MP.

Priority on Education

As the National Assembly’s Majority Whip, Osoro emphasized that his office prioritizes education as the cornerstone of development. He revealed that over Ksh51 million from the NGCDF office has already been utilized to support both university and secondary school students from economically challenged households, facilitating their pursuit of education.

University Students’ Perspective

University students, present at the event, voiced their support for the housing levy, asserting that it could address the unemployment crisis and alleviate congestion in universities. Led by Fredrick Abuta, the students urged the public to focus on supporting development projects rather than succumbing to political rhetoric.


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