Principals Advocate for Dialogue Amid Harassment Over KCSE Results in Kisii

In a concerning trend, Principals in Masaba South Sub-county, Kisii County, have voiced their discontent over continuous harassment stemming from poor performance in the previous year’s KCSE examinations. Led by Robinson Moseti, the sub-county chairman of the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA), they condemned recent incidents of community harassment directed at teachers in Ibacho and Gekonge Mixed Secondary schools.

Unjustified Harassment

Robinson Moseti, also the Principal of Amasege SDA Mixed Secondary School, expressed deep concern about the unjustified harassment faced by school principals. He emphasized that rushing to close schools due to poor performance tarnishes the image of the Gusii community and could have long-term consequences.

“Do not rush to close schools; it tarnishes the image of the Gusii community and will have long term consequences,” urged Moseti.

Call for Respect and Dialogue

Moseti urged the community to respect schools and encouraged the adoption of dialogue as a means of resolving conflicts. He highlighted that the collective effort of all stakeholders, including parents, is crucial for the performance of schools in national examinations.

The chairman emphasized that victimizing school heads is not the solution, and such actions are both wrong and unacceptable.

KUPPET’s Condemnation and Threats of Action

Laban Ouko, the KUPPET Kisii chapter chairman, condemned the incidents, categorizing them as criminal. He asserted that teachers diligently covered the syllabus and prepared students for the examination, placing the responsibility of exam performance on the candidates.

“Flushing out school Heads is immoral. Perpetrators are hired by individuals with the intention to destabilize schools,” noted Ouko, linking the issue to moral decay.

Ouko expressed the association’s readiness to withdraw teachers from insecure schools, relocate them to safer areas, and involve law enforcement to address the harassment.

Human Rights Activist’s Warning

Human rights activist and lawyer Daniel Nyakundi warned parents against intimidating teachers, emphasizing the noble work that educators do and the respect they deserve. Nyakundi underscored that parents and students, who carry a significant burden in the education process, have not faced victimization for poor performance.


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