Former MP Advocates for Fair Resource Allocation in Mt Kenya Region

Former nominated MP, Lee Muchiri, has voiced concerns over what he perceives as an unfair distribution of national resources to the Mt Kenya region. Despite being a significant contributor to national taxes, Muchiri argues that the region has been given a “raw deal” in resource allocation, adversely affecting hundreds of children from economically disadvantaged families.

Expressing his dismay, Muchiri highlighted the repercussions of this unequal distribution, particularly in the realm of education. He emphasized that the current cost of education poses a significant challenge for many families, especially those situated at the bottom of the financial hierarchy. The former MP noted that the disparity in bursaries further exacerbates the issue, with learners in the Mt Kenya region receiving amounts as low as Ksh2,000, while other regions, like North Eastern, benefit from full scholarships.

Muchiri urged regional leaders to revive the “one man one shilling” debate, advocating for a more equitable distribution of resources. He emphasized the need for leaders to prioritize the education sector, particularly in providing sufficient bursaries to alleviate the financial burden on families, enabling children to join Form One without hindrance.

“It’s high time our leaders revived the one man one shilling debate and championed for equitable distribution of resources. It makes no sense to give a learner a bursary worth Ksh2000, whereas they are being asked to pay school fees of Ksh30,000 and above. We must demand what is rightfully ours as a region,” Muchiri asserted.

In his effort to address the immediate challenges faced by financially strained families, Muchiri personally assisted five children in joining Form One at his residence in Roysambu, Nairobi. He called on well-wishers to continue supporting the education of needy children, especially considering that this is the last cohort of the 8-4-4 system.

Additionally, Muchiri expressed concern about the growing trend of men, particularly from Mt Kenya, abandoning their families during times of need. He highlighted that many of the needy learners seeking assistance to join Form One are raised by single mothers, calling for a shift in societal responsibility and a halt to such irresponsible behavior.

The former MP’s advocacy sheds light on the broader issue of equitable resource distribution and the impact it has on education, urging leaders to address this disparity for the benefit of the region’s future generations.


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