Homa Bay Places Non-KCPE Attendees in Secondary Schools

Education officials in Homa Bay have embarked on placing learners who did not sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam into secondary schools. This initiative aims to ensure that every learner, irrespective of circumstances, has the opportunity to transition from primary to secondary education.

At least 25 such learners from Homa Bay Town constituency have already been enrolled in Form 1 across various secondary schools in the county. The placement is determined by the performance of these learners in their respective primary schools, with each student being assessed based on their academic achievements.

Homa Bay Town Education Director, Ziada Osano, emphasized the adherence to guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education in placing students who missed the KCPE exams. “We have a circular from the Ministry of Education guiding the placement of students who did not sit for KCPE last year. They are joining secondary schools based on the marks they were getting while in primary,” Osano explained.

Speaking to journalists, Osano outlined that the ministry has clarified that these students will undergo another test while in Form 3 before proceeding to Form 4. This additional assessment ensures that the students are adequately prepared for the subsequent levels of their education.

Osano affirmed the commitment to identify and place all learners who missed the KCPE exams in Form 1, aligning with the government’s objective of achieving a 100% transition from primary to secondary school. This initiative reflects a determination to leave no student behind, fostering equal opportunities for all in the pursuit of education.

Among the unique cases is a female student who attended classes throughout the year but allegedly went into hiding during the KCPE exam period, consequently missing the national exam. Despite this, efforts are being made to place her in Form 1, reinforcing the commitment to inclusivity.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu had previously disclosed that around 9,354 candidates failed to sit for the 2023 KCPE exams. To address this, a mapping exercise would be conducted to identify candidates who missed out, allowing them to sit for special exams before transitioning to Form 4. This strategic approach ensures that no candidate is left behind and underscores the importance of inclusive education in the educational landscape of Homa Bay.


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