Kisii Police Hunt for Culprits: Form 4 Leavers Accused of Violent Robbery

A disturbing incident has unfolded in Kisii County, where police are actively pursuing 10 youths, including recent Form 4 leavers, for their alleged involvement in a violent robbery at a bar in Nyakoe town. The suspects, reportedly armed and aggressive, targeted both workers and patrons, leaving a trail of harm and chaos. The police, responding swiftly to the incident, traced the culprits to a village where they had sought refuge, discovering illicit substances and stolen items in the process.

Quick Summary

  • Police in Kisii County are on the lookout for 10 youths accused of violently robbing a bar in Nyakoe town.
  • The suspects, some of whom recently completed their KCSE exams, allegedly assaulted workers, threatened patrons, and mutilated the bar owner when he resisted.
  • After a pursuit, the police located the suspects in Gesoni village, Kitutu Chache South Constituency, where they had hidden, confiscating stolen items and drugs.

Violent Robbery and Assault

The perpetrators, described as recent Form 4 leavers, are accused of forcefully entering a bar in Nyakoe town. In a brazen display of aggression, they robbed both workers and patrons, threatening harm to those who resisted. The situation escalated when the bar owner resisted the attackers, resulting in the mutilation of his ear. The severity of the incident prompted the victims to report the matter to Mosocho Police Station.

Swift Police Response

Acting promptly on the reported incident, the police initiated a manhunt and traced the suspects to Gesoni village in Kitutu Chache South Constituency. Upon arrival, they discovered a disarrayed room containing rolls of illicit substances, stolen TV sets, and other items. Unfortunately, the suspects managed to evade arrest, prompting an ongoing manhunt.

Chief’s Plea and Community Awareness

Area chief Janet Maronga, expressing concern over the incident, urged parents to closely monitor their teenage children. She advocated for enrollment in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs as a constructive alternative to deter youth from succumbing to drugs and criminal activities. This plea underscores the importance of community awareness and proactive measures to address the root causes of such incidents.

Final Thoughts

The violent robbery involving recent Form 4 leavers in Kisii County serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by youth, including potential involvement in crime. The police’s swift response reflects a commitment to maintaining public safety, although the suspects remain at large. The chief’s plea for parental vigilance and the promotion of TVET enrollment aligns with broader efforts to address the underlying issues contributing to youth engagement in illicit activities. As the manhunt continues, community involvement and support will be crucial in fostering a safer environment for all.


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