Former MP Alfred Keter Grants Full Scholarship to Top 2023 KCSE Candidate in Embu

In a heartwarming gesture, former Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has offered full sponsorship to 18-year-old Eric Macharia Nyaga, who emerged as the top candidate in the 2023 KCSE exams with an impressive Grade A of 84 points. The Nyaga family in Kega village, Runyenjes sub-county, is celebrating this remarkable opportunity for Eric’s university education.

Joyful Celebration and Gratitude

The Nyaga family was overcome with tears of joy when Alfred Keter personally called Moses Nyaga, Eric’s father, to convey the news of the full sponsorship. Moses Nyaga, a small farmer, expressed his happiness and gratitude for the unexpected miracle, acknowledging the challenges of supporting his son’s education since primary school.

“I’m a very happy man today and I have been praying and thanking God for this miracle. It has been a difficult journey supporting my son since primary school, being just a small farmer,” said Moses Nyaga.

Ann Wawira, Eric’s mother, who sells vegetables in Kianjokoma market, echoed the sentiments of joy and gratitude, emphasizing that Keter’s sponsorship ensures their son can pursue his dreams through university education.

Keter’s Scholarship and Student’s Aspirations

Eric Macharia, expressing his happiness and gratitude, thanked Alfred Keter for the scholarship and support that would enable him to pursue his dream of joining the University of Nairobi for a program in the field of Medicine. Macharia, who aspires to become a Neurosurgeon, shared his dream of helping as many people as possible.

“I want to become a Neurosurgeon and help as many people as possible. That has always been my dream since when I was in primary school,” added a joyful Macharia.

Historical Achievement in the Village

Macharia’s stellar performance has reportedly made history in his village, as such a high grade has never been achieved by any student in the area. Moi High School Mbiruri Principal Patrick Nderitu praised the former MP for his generosity, emphasizing that Macharia’s success is a testament to the potential of students, regardless of the primary school they attend.

Challenges Overcome for Education

Eric Macharia’s journey to academic success faced financial challenges, even to the point of uncertainty regarding his secondary education. However, with determination and resilience, he secured a full scholarship from Cooperative Bank a week before the admission date, demonstrating that dedication and hard work can overcome obstacles.

Alfred Keter’s philanthropic gesture serves as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative impact that individuals can have on students’ lives and their pursuit of education and dreams.


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