Philip Aroko Foundation Grants Sh5 Million Bursary to 1,200 Needy Students in Kasipul Constituency

In a commendable initiative to support education, the Philip Aroko Foundation has stepped in to assist 1,200 students from vulnerable families in Kasipul constituency with a generous fund of Sh5 million. The bursaries, ranging from Sh4,000 to Sh7,000, are designed to alleviate the financial burden on economically challenged parents and ensure that bright students can pursue their secondary education.

Philip Aroko, the director of the foundation, expressed his motivation behind the program, emphasizing the importance of promoting education and providing financial support to students whose guardians may struggle to afford school fees. He highlighted the potential of these students to shape the future of society, underscoring the foundation’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities.

The disbursement event, held at Sikri village in East Kamagak ward, saw Aroko distributing cheques to 207 students currently in Form 2 and Form 3. Addressing concerns of potential politicization, Aroko urged the community to focus on the shared goal of helping those in need rather than turning the initiative into a political discourse.

Accompanied by former MCA Samuel Okumu, coordinator Pacific Onyano, and Psychologist Pauline Achieng, Aroko acknowledged that existing bursary funds, including those from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), are insufficient. He pledged to persist in supporting needy children and vulnerable families, emphasizing the pivotal role education plays in economic development.

Former MCA Samuel Okumu encouraged students to view the bursary support as motivation to excel academically, alleviating concerns about being sent home due to unpaid school fees. Additionally, Psychologist Pauline Achieng highlighted the importance of mentorship sessions, especially for girls, addressing social challenges that may affect their academic focus. Girls were provided with sanitary pads to promote personal hygiene and concentration on their studies.

Parents Evelyn Anyango and Henry Otula expressed gratitude for the program, citing the financial relief it provided during challenging economic times. Anyango emphasized the program’s significance for many struggling parents and called for its continuation.

As the Philip Aroko Foundation continues its commitment to supporting education, this initiative stands as a beacon of hope for vulnerable students, showcasing the positive impact that community-driven projects can have on shaping the future of young minds.


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