Government Announces Recruitment of 2,000 Tutors for TVETs to Address Understaffing

President William Ruto has announced the much-anticipated recruitment of 2,000 new tutors for Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) institutions across Kenya. The announcement was made during the opening of the Mitunguu Technical Training Institute in South Imenti. The move aims to address the challenges of understaffing in certain TVETs and relieve boards of management from the burden of paying tutors’ salaries.

Recruitment Details

  • The recruitment process for the 2,000 tutors is set to commence next week.
  • President Ruto emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting TVETs and ensuring students have access to adequate learning materials and personnel.
  • The initiative aligns with government policy to equip Kenyan youth with practical skills and competencies.

Background and Purpose

  • President Ruto initially disclosed the plan during the Mashujaa Day celebration in October of the previous year.
  • The recruitment initiative is designed to boost the TVET education sector and enhance the quality of technical and vocational training in the country.
  • The government’s goal is to alleviate the challenges faced by TVETs in terms of staffing, allowing boards to focus on ensuring students receive quality training.

Addressing Understaffing Challenges

  • President Ruto acknowledged that some TVETs were grappling with understaffing issues, leading to boards of management covering tutors’ salaries.
  • By recruiting 2,000 new tutors, the government aims to address the staffing gaps and enhance the overall quality of education in TVET institutions.
  • The move reflects a commitment to supporting practical skills development among Kenyan youth.

Infrastructure and Equipment

  • President Ruto highlighted the ongoing collaboration with the government of China to supply equipment to 70 additional technical training colleges in Kenya.
  • The provision of tools and equipment is expected to improve students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills, making them job-ready.

Future Plans for TVET Expansion

  • Esther Muoria, Principal Secretary in the State Department for TVETs, mentioned the ministry’s efforts to establish a TVET institution in each constituency.
  • Construction of new TVETs is underway, with plans to complete 20 in the next financial year.
  • The ministry also aims to establish a regional center for the Kenya School of TVETs in each former province to equip youth with industry-relevant skills.


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