Government Allocates Over Ksh1 Billion to Boost TVET Programs

In a significant move towards fortifying Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Kenya, the government has recently injected Ksh1.192 billion into the sub-sector. This substantial financial boost is specifically designated for critical support programs, including tuition, utilities, training materials, and curricular activities.

Fostering an Environment for Effective Learning

TVET Principal Secretary, Esther Muoria, highlighted the government’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to effective learning and skill acquisition. The funds aim to enhance accessibility and elevate the quality and relevance of TVET programs across the nation.

Strategic Initiatives for Comprehensive Development

The allocated funds will be strategically channeled into various initiatives, with a primary focus on providing financial assistance to individual trainees. This initiative is designed to empower aspiring professionals in diverse fields, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their educational pursuits.

Esther Muoria emphasized that this strategic investment aligns with broader goals, including the reduction of youth unemployment and the stimulation of sustainable economic growth. By investing in TVET, the government aims to equip the youth with employable skills that contribute to key economic sectors.

Inclusive Training for Success

The TVET PS underscored the government’s commitment to inclusivity in training. The funds aim to ensure that current TVET trainees have ample opportunities for success within and beyond the institution. This emphasizes the inclusive principle of training for everyone, irrespective of their background or financial status.

Government’s Commitment to Skill Development

Esther Muoria pointed out that the increased budgetary allocation for TVETs, from Ksh5.2 billion to Ksh10 billion in the 2023/24 financial year, translates to Ksh67,000 per year per trainee. This significant increase in funding reflects the government’s dedication to delivering employable skills through TVET institutions, supporting key economic sectors.


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