Government to Establish Technical College in Loitokitok to Boost Skills and Economic Growth

The National Government is set to establish a technical college in Kajiado South Constituency, according to a recent announcement by Sakimba Parashina, the Member of Parliament for Kajiado South Constituency. During a meet-the-people tour in Kajiado South over the weekend, Parashina assured his constituents that the new technical college would equip local residents with essential technical skills for self-employment and economic empowerment.

The proposed technical college aims to provide a wide array of technical courses, including masonry, plumbing, electricianry, and tailoring, among others. This strategic move is intended to address the gap in technical skills training and reduce the need for learners from Loitokitok Sub County to travel to other counties for similar courses.

Parashina highlighted the significance of the college in bridging the skills gap and promoting local economic growth. He mentioned that construction of the college is expected to commence within the next two months.

The Member of Parliament’s announcement was met with enthusiasm from the community. The establishment of a technical college within the constituency is expected to not only empower individuals with practical skills but also contribute to the overall development of the region.

During the same tour, Parashina, accompanied by Member of the County Assembly for Rombo Ward, Jackson Angaine, inaugurated a new road connecting Entarara and Tanzania. This road, supported by the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA), has received an allocation of Sh7 million for yearly maintenance to ensure its proper condition.

Parashina emphasized that the newly inaugurated road would play a pivotal role in boosting economic growth within the region. The improved transportation and connectivity resulting from the road’s completion will facilitate the movement of goods and people within and beyond the constituency.

Angaine commended KERRA for its contribution to the development of the infrastructure, highlighting the road’s benefits for the residents of Rombo Ward and Loitoktok Sub County as a whole. He also noted that the Kajiado county government had allocated Sh8 million for the maintenance of the same road. However, with KERRA taking on the maintenance responsibility, the allocated funds can now be redirected towards other essential road projects in need of attention.

The combined efforts of both the National Government and local authorities, as seen through the establishment of the technical college and the inauguration of the new road, signal a commitment to fostering skills development and infrastructure enhancement for the betterment of the community and the region at large.


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