Government to Offer Scholarships to Outstanding Teachers in Performance Arts, President Ruto Announces

In a bid to recognize and incentivize educators who excel in training learners in the field of performance arts, President William Ruto has revealed that the Kenyan government will be offering scholarships to these outstanding teachers. He stated that the Ministry of Education will collaborate with Kenya Music Festival adjudicators to identify eligible teachers who have shown exceptional dedication to nurturing the country’s young artists.

President Ruto’s announcement came during the 95th Kenya Music Festival Winners’ State Concert held at State House Nakuru in Nakuru County. The President was joined by notable figures including First Lady Rachel Ruto, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Cabinet Secretaries Ezekiel Machogu and Ababu Namwamba, Governor Susan Kihika, and a host of Members of Parliament.

This move aims to encourage teachers who go above and beyond their regular duties to inspire and shape the future of Kenya’s artistic talents. “We want to support them to go to places where their talents will be taken to the next level,” President Ruto expressed.

Moreover, President Ruto highlighted the government’s intention to promote teachers who win awards in the Kenya Music Festival, acknowledging their efforts to enhance the artistic capabilities of young learners.

The President also shared that the government has successfully reached agreements with global digital platforms such as Youtube, (formerly Twitter), and Facebook to monetize content created by Kenyan youth. These agreements are expected to create new opportunities for talented youth in the creative and digital economy sector.

President Ruto revealed plans to engage in discussions with the global Chief Executive Officer of Tik Tok, Shou Zi Chew, regarding content moderation and monetization on the platform. He emphasized the goal of minimizing negative content while maximizing monetization benefits.

As part of the efforts to boost Kenya’s creative industry, the Permanent Presidential Music Commission will be rebranded as the Creative Commission of Kenya and will be revitalized with professional studios in every county. This initiative aims to provide artists with the resources and opportunities to explore and professionalize their talents.

In line with promoting digital engagement, the President directed the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to digitize all performances within a month and establish a monetized YouTube channel. He expressed optimism in building a society where artists, songwriters, choreographers, instrumentalists, and vocalists can sustainably earn a decent living from their craft.

President Ruto also urged teachers unions and the Teacher Service Commission to expedite talks on the collective bargaining agreement. He reassured stakeholders that the government is actively addressing issues related to the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) implementation to enhance the quality of education delivery.

The President concluded by highlighting the reorganization of the funding model for higher learning, emphasizing the government’s commitment to increase resources available to learners for improved access to higher education.

Overall, President Ruto’s announcements reflect a concerted effort to support and elevate Kenya’s creative industry while acknowledging the significant role that educators play in nurturing the nation’s artistic talents.


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