TSC Announces Promotions for Over 36,000 Teachers in Bid to Address Stagnation Concerns

In a move aimed at addressing concerns over teacher stagnation and bolstering the morale within the education sector, the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has revealed its plan to promote over 36,000 teachers across various grades. This announcement follows closely on the heels of the recent promotion of 14,000 teachers just a week ago, underlining the government’s commitment to uplifting the teaching fraternity.

The circular issued by the TSC outlines the promotion of teachers across nine different grades, spanning primary and secondary schools as well as teachers’ training colleges. This strategic decision by the government comes at a pivotal time, as it seeks to alleviate the unease and discontent that had begun to brew among teachers due to perceived career stagnation.

Notably, the senior master position will see a staggering 12,716 educators promoted to higher ranks, signifying a significant elevation for those holding this role. Additionally, the position of senior teacher in regular primary schools will see 10,819 teachers ascend to higher responsibilities. A notable emphasis has been placed on the inclusive education sector, with 700 slots dedicated to elevating teachers to the position of senior teacher in special needs schools.

Teachers’ training colleges are also part of this initiative, with 216 openings for the Grade C4 position of senior lecturer. Furthermore, senior principal positions will be granted to 108 individuals, and 34 openings have been announced for the role of chief principal.

To facilitate this process, the TSC has invited interested candidates to apply for the positions through the TSC portal by September 8th. The commission’s proactive approach aims to swiftly implement the promotions, showcasing its dedication to recognizing and nurturing the talents within the teaching community.

This announcement follows closely after the recent successful promotion of 14,000 teachers, which had been pending from the previous financial year. The National Treasury has allocated a substantial Ksh.1 billion to facilitate the execution of the 36,275 promotions, demonstrating the government’s financial commitment to uplifting teachers’ professional trajectories.

In the backdrop of ongoing discussions about teachers’ salaries and the broader educational landscape, the TSC’s rapid promotion initiative serves as a timely effort to restore faith and motivation within the teaching profession. This multifaceted approach seeks to address not only financial concerns but also the perceived lack of career progression, ultimately fostering an environment where educators feel valued and empowered.


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