Hassan Joho’s Harvard Kennedy School Photos Spark Online Reactions

Former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has ignited online reactions by sharing photos of himself at Harvard Kennedy School on Instagram. The prestigious Harvard Kennedy School is renowned for public policy and government studies and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Photo Descriptions

  1. Classroom Snapshot:
    • Joho is captured standing by a desk in a classroom-like setting, donning a tag around his neck. The desk features a board with the inscription ‘Harvard Kennedy School John F. Kennedy School of Government.’
  2. Motivational Wall Photo:
    • Another photo shows Joho holding a coffee mug while standing by a wall with the inspiring words ‘ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO’ written on it.
  3. Group Photo:
    • Joho is seen in a group photo with unidentified individuals, leaving the caption open-ended for interpretation.

Online Reactions

  1. Sarcastic Remark:
    • TL Elder sarcastically notes Joho’s enrollment at a US University, humorously comparing it to their upcoming Software Engineering course. The comment playfully emphasizes the seriousness of Coast men regarding education and beards in 2024.
  2. Positive Wishes:
    • Kenya West expresses positive sentiments, applauding Joho for returning to school at Harvard Kennedy School during retirement, considering it a valuable pursuit for future ventures.
  3. Observation on Political Learning:
    • Nyanje wa Nyanje finds it interesting that Joho has joined Harvard Kennedy School, highlighting the evolving trend of politicians exploring life after active politics.
  4. Academic Achievement Comment:
    • Rodgers Kipembe acknowledges Joho pursuing a Master’s degree at Harvard, humorously referencing the perception that academic performance in secondary school (KCSE) doesn’t impact such accomplishments.


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