JKUAT and Fujita Corporation Collaborate to Revolutionize Potato Farming in Kenya


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has forged a strategic partnership with Japan’s Fujita Corporation to innovate and enhance the potato value chain in Kenya. This collaboration aims to leverage cutting-edge research and industry expertise to address challenges faced by potato farmers and stakeholders. From optimizing soil health to implementing innovative pest management strategies and introducing mechanization, the project encompasses a comprehensive approach to agricultural enhancement. Through this partnership, JKUAT and Fujita Corporation seek to catalyze innovation, boost productivity, and fortify resilience in Kenya’s potato farming sector.

Quick Summary:

  • JKUAT partners with Fujita Corporation to enhance potato farming in Kenya.
  • The collaboration aims to revolutionize the potato value chain by leveraging research and industry expertise.
  • Strategies include soil analysis, pest management, tissue culture, and mechanization.
  • Achievements include developing prototypes for sorting, grading, harvesting, washing, and peeling potatoes.
  • The partnership extends support to postgraduate students and establishes a cold storage facility in Nyandarua County.

Comprehensive Agricultural Enhancement:

JKUAT and Fujita Corporation’s partnership entails a holistic approach to improving potato farming in Kenya. Soil analysis plays a pivotal role in optimizing nutrient levels and soil health, while innovative pest and disease management strategies aim to safeguard yields. The venture into tissue culture promises to enhance seed quality and resilience, revolutionizing potato farming practices. Moreover, mechanization initiatives, including the development of sorting, grading, harvesting, washing, and peeling machines, are set to enhance efficiency and productivity across the value chain.

Academic-Industry Linkage:

The collaboration underscores the importance of academia-industry linkage in driving innovation and addressing agricultural challenges. JKUAT’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Robert Kinyua, expresses confidence in the partnership’s ability to deliver sustainable solutions and strengthen the university’s reputation as a center of excellence in potato research. Fujita Corporation’s General Manager, Seiji Kimishima, emphasizes the broader societal benefits of enhancing the potato value chain and pledges unwavering commitment to addressing societal challenges in collaboration with JKUAT.

Societal Impact and Support for Students:

Beyond technological advancements, the partnership aims to create societal impact and support the development of future agricultural leaders. Initiatives such as establishing a cold storage facility in Nyandarua County and extending support to postgraduate students demonstrate a commitment to enhancing post-harvest management, reducing losses, and fostering human capital development in the agricultural sector.


JKUAT and Fujita Corporation’s collaboration represents a significant step towards revolutionizing potato farming in Kenya. By combining research expertise with industry knowledge, the partnership seeks to address pressing challenges, boost productivity, and promote sustainable agriculture. As initiatives unfold and innovations take root, the potato value chain is poised for transformation, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for potato farming in Kenya.


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