TUM and Ghent University Forge Collaboration to Advance Medicine and Research in Kenya


The Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has entered into a significant collaboration with Belgium’s prestigious Ghent University, aiming to bolster various sectors, including research, and internationalize their academic programs. This partnership holds particular significance for TUM, which is on the verge of establishing a groundbreaking School of Medicine. The collaboration with Ghent University is poised to provide vital support and resources for this endeavor, contributing to the enhancement of medical education and research in Kenya.

Quick Summary:

  • TUM partners with Ghent University to enhance various sectors, including research and academic programs.
  • The collaboration will bolster TUM’s efforts to establish a School of Medicine, with support and resources from Ghent University.
  • TUM aims to integrate multiple departments into the School of Medicine, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • The partnership extends beyond medical education, encompassing diverse areas of mutual interest between the institutions.
  • Ghent University recognizes Kenya’s research potential and aims to collaborate with TUM to leverage local talent and infrastructure.

Advancing Medical Education:

TUM’s imminent establishment of a School of Medicine marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s academic landscape. The collaboration with Ghent University is expected to provide crucial support, including equipment and expertise, to anchor the program firmly. Prof. Leila Abubakar, TUM’s Vice Chancellor, emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the School of Medicine, which will integrate various faculties, including technology and medical engineering, into its curriculum. This approach ensures a comprehensive and innovative medical education model that addresses evolving healthcare challenges.

Strengthening Research Collaboration:

Beyond medical education, the collaboration between TUM and Ghent University extends to various research domains. Both institutions aim to identify areas of mutual interest and initiate collaborative projects to address societal challenges effectively. Prof. Abubakar highlights the importance of partnering with top-tier institutions like Ghent University to enhance TUM’s research capabilities and tackle pressing community issues. The exchange of expertise and resources is poised to accelerate research advancements and promote sustainable development in Kenya.

Recognizing Kenya’s Research Potential:

Ghent University’s decision to collaborate with TUM underscores its recognition of Kenya’s research strength and potential. Prof. Rik Van de Walle, Ghent University’s Rector, commends Kenya’s talent pool and infrastructure, emphasizing the exceptional quality of the country’s researchers and students. He stresses the importance of leveraging local expertise and resources, indicating a commitment to mutual collaboration rather than talent relocation.

Future Prospects and Collaboration:

The collaboration between TUM and Ghent University heralds a promising future for medical education and research in Kenya. Prof. Marleen Temmerman, an esteemed faculty member from Ghent University, highlights the evolving potential of Kenya’s academic landscape. With TUM’s technical background and Ghent University’s expertise, the partnership is poised to produce well-rounded medical professionals equipped to address complex healthcare challenges. As both institutions embark on this collaborative journey, they aim to harness the power of research and education to drive positive change in Kenya and beyond.


The partnership between TUM and Ghent University represents a significant step towards advancing medical education and research in Kenya. By pooling resources, expertise, and talent, the collaboration seeks to elevate academic standards, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and address societal challenges effectively. As the School of Medicine takes shape and collaborative research projects unfold, the partnership holds the promise of transformative impact, contributing to the development of a robust healthcare ecosystem and a brighter future for healthcare in Kenya.


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