Journalists Recognized for Empowering Farmers in Agricultural Transformation

In a commendable display of their dedication, journalists in Kitui County have been acknowledged for their invaluable role in delivering educational information to local farmers. These reporters, representing various media houses, have been instrumental in disseminating vital knowledge and assisting farmers in adopting modern farming techniques.

Local leaders, together with development partners including USAID and other implementing organizations, expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the journalists’ efforts in promoting community development and improving the lives of farmers. The recognition was extended during the Kitui County Knowledge Fair, a prestigious event held at Ithookwe Showgrounds, just outside Kitui town.

The fair showcased the work of 40 exhibitors, encompassing programs on finance, education, health, agriculture, the environment, and business. Operating under the theme of “Strengthening Community Learning to Increase Adaptive Capacity to Shocks and Stresses,” this gathering served as a platform for exhibitors to present their initiatives and achievements within the county.

Funded by USAID, a crucial development partner in the region, the fair also facilitated an important opportunity for county leaders to engage with all partners and gain deeper insights into their projects. It fostered connections, knowledge-sharing, and networking, allowing businesses to meet potential clients and gain a comprehensive understanding of international, national, and local market demands.

During the inauguration, Kitui County Commissioner Erastus Mbui encouraged local farmers to invest in large-scale livestock production, particularly high-quality goats and camels, given the high demand for their meat in the international market. He emphasized the favorable climate and ample pasture available in the county, urging farmers to capitalize on these advantages.

Surprisingly, pastoralist communities from neighboring counties have been benefiting from the abundant pasture, while local farmers have not fully engaged in large-scale rearing of goats and camels. The commissioner stressed the need for farmers to embrace mass livestock production to improve their living standards and prevent pastoralists from other regions from taking advantage of the county’s resources.

Echoing this sentiment, Deputy Governor Augustus Wambua Kanani disclosed that the county government would soon launch a community livestock program, focused on promoting extensive livestock production. The program will involve close collaboration between the county government and farmers, providing them with high-quality animals and imparting knowledge on modern agribusiness techniques to maximize economic returns.

In recognition of their exceptional contributions to local community development, the deputy governor presented certificates of appreciation to the 48 journalists based in the county. This gesture exemplifies the significance of their role in shaping public discourse and driving positive change.

The event was not only a celebration of accomplishments but also a call to action, inspiring farmers, journalists, and development partners to continue working together to uplift the agricultural sector and improve livelihoods in Kitui County. It is through such collaborative efforts that meaningful progress can be achieved and a prosperous future can be forged for the entire community.


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