Katakwa Secondary School Appeals for Support Ahead of Regional School Games

We’ve got some exciting news coming in from Katakwa Secondary School. Their ladies’ football team is making its maiden appearance at the regional school games in Kakamega, and they need our support! They’re calling on the Busia County government and kind-hearted individuals to lend a financial hand.

The regional championships are just around the corner, starting on July 17 in Kakamega. And guess what? Despite losing to St. Joseph’s Chakol in the county finals over the weekend, Katakwa Secondary School managed to secure their spot at the regional showpiece. It’s a fantastic achievement for the team!

But here’s the thing—they’re in desperate need of proper playing gear. Throughout the competition, these talented girls had to play barefoot. Can you believe it? To make matters worse, they had to borrow uniforms from Katakwa Football Club. Talk about making do with what you have!

That’s why Assistant Coach Daniel Kituyi is making an appeal. He shared that they need approximately Sh90,000 to purchase 20 pairs of boots and an additional Sh50,000 for two sets of uniforms and other incidentals. Let’s join forces and help these aspiring athletes get the equipment they need to shine on the field.

But here’s some great news amidst it all. Shot stopper Brenda Amase was recognized as the best player of the tournament, showcasing her exceptional skills and talent. And Mary Achom emerged as the top scorer, netting an impressive four goals. Their outstanding performances haven’t gone unnoticed either, as scouts have approached them with the opportunity to join the national team, Harambee Starlets. That’s something to be proud of!

Katakwa Secondary School is ready to take on the tough task ahead, and they’re determined to prove that being a “small school” is no obstacle. They’re gearing up to challenge powerhouses like Archbishop Njenga and Butere. They want to show them that they’re not to be underestimated. These girls are here to compete!

Looking ahead, Kituyi has big plans for the team. They want to invest more in their players by providing them with adequate training and equipment. It’s all about giving them the tools they need to succeed and reach new heights. They have a point to prove, and they won’t stop until they’ve made their mark.


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