Kathiani Girls High School Shines in KCSE 2023: Notable Results and University Transition

Kathiani Girls High School has achieved an outstanding performance in the KCSE 2023 exams, with an impressive 93.443% of candidates advancing to university. The school’s commendable mean score of 8.4984 positions it among the top-performing schools nationally. This success represents a notable improvement from previous years, showcasing the school’s commitment to academic excellence.

Results Overview

  • University Transition: A remarkable 93.443% of Kathiani Girls High School candidates secured direct entry to university.
  • Mean Score: The school achieved a very good mean score of 8.4984.
  • Candidature: With a candidature of 305 students in the KCSE 2023 exam, the school has demonstrated consistent success in providing quality education.

Grades Distribution

The performance analysis provides insights into the distribution of grades among Kathiani Girls High School students.

Students’ Achievement

  • Grade A (Plain): 1 student attained the highest grade of A, showcasing exceptional academic achievement.
  • Grade A- (Minus): 8 students secured an impressive A- grade.
  • Grade B and Above: The majority of students achieved grades B and above, with 47 students scoring B+, 105 with B, and 80 with B-.
  • Grade C and Below: The distribution includes 41 students with C+, 17 with C, and 3 with C-.
  • No students scored below a C grade, indicating a high level of academic achievement.

University Transition

  • Direct Entry to University: Out of the 305 candidates, 285 students scored C+ and above, meeting the minimum university entry grade set by Kuccps.
  • Transition Percentage: The impressive 93.443% university transition percentage reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing students for higher education.

Final Thoughts

Kathiani Girls High School’s exceptional performance in the KCSE 2023 exams underscores the institution’s dedication to academic excellence. The significant percentage of students securing direct entry to university and the diverse distribution of grades highlight the holistic success of Kathiani Girls High School. This accomplishment contributes to the school’s recognition as one of the top-performing institutions in the country, showcasing its commitment to shaping the academic futures of its students.


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